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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Weight watchers


I don't usually swear by diets, But Weight watchers is brilliant. back in 2012 I went from a size 18-20 to a size 12!!! It took April-September to loose over 50 lbs. I did it healthy running five times a week. Giving myself just a Saturday and a thursday off because I worked late. 

So I went from a 16 stone to 12 stone a SIZE 10-12 I MIGHT ADD!!!and was still a healthy relatively skinny person! I think most of the weight is boob weight! lucky me! 

Theses after the after pictures from 2012 

I was so HAPPY with my size!! But before you know it winter came and I couldn't maintain.. I stopped running as living in a small village I didn't like running in the dark! And then christmas came..uhoh.. 

So I am a constant yo-yo dieter I find the motivation to loose it but not keep it off. 

But now, Im single! Yes me and John broke up. I am doing this for me. I am fed up being in long term relationships. I am going to love me 100% before I even think about another man. 

So the update on this new diet, I re start the diet days every time I loose a stone so technically I am on day 35. But seeing as I have lost a stone I am on day 3. 

So I am -16lbs already! 

Less that 1/5 of the way to go! I want to be a happy size 10-12 again. 

I have took these pictures today, currently down -16lbs. 
This is for my motivation!

Front view of me. 

Side view

Face view!


Be ready for more updates of this journey of mine to healthy eating and happiness!

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