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Monday, 15 December 2014


No7 Christmas Blogmas!

I have been awol lately this week, I have been so ill, like it hurts to move ill. So I have gotten in a habit of working then coming back home sleeping and doing the same thing day in and day out for 8 days. I do feel well enough to finally look at a screen and blog today. Thats an improvement! 

So catching up with my No7 Avent calendar I have gotten the following ;

No7 Protect and perfect Night Cream 
No7 Beautiful Skin - exfoliator 
No7 Eyeshadow 

 No7 Eyeshadow  - Shade unknown 

This little one retails at £7.00 for full size. I think this is shade - thunder, It doesn't say on the pot itself. 

I cant say much about this, In the advent calendar it is a very small size like crazy small. Pigmentation is not brilliant, you really have to use a lot to actually look like you have an eyeshadow on. Also means not worth the money when you compare it to a MAC pallet filler eye shadow for £10.00 at MAC. Colour wise it is a silvery greyish shade with a very slight, and I mean slight shimmer. I am disappointed with this as compared to all my beauty products I buy more eye shadows than anything. I would not purchase again, But I am willing to try another shade, Just might be that this is too subtle.  I rate 5/10


This full size retails at a mere £8.50.

This is a beautiful creamy product that has little pink granules in, so girly! A exfoliator made to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells and make up, They do say to use this twice a week to be effective. 

I really liked this product, Yes I think in total I am about 50/50 with the products I am trying here. This is a beautiful product, easily to apply on the face, you wipe it off and your face is brightened and refreshed. 

I think I am going to purchase this for myself, My face isn't red which exfoliators normally make it so straight off you can see this is so kind and gentle to the skin.


No7 Night Protect Cream 

Now, If I didn't have my Imortelle precious cream, I would be all over this. It comes in a snazzy container too not like the one shown this one it more of a tub. This is a cream which is made for young skin and is meant to be a cream that prevents anti ageing and fine lines. That sounds good at me, the sooner you start caring about these things the longer you can prevent it. So from the age of 22m I am comfortable to say I do use anti ageing, the same as cleansing and toning. It is all about looking after your skin. 

So lovely thick cream which absorbs into the skin nicely and has a really pleasant smell to it. 
Price wise you're looking at £23.50 

For someone who is in their twenties and is a beginner with moisturisers this is one for you! 


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  1. Hope you feel better soon! The shade of the eyeshadow looks really nice!



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