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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

L'Occitane New Neroli products for mothers day

L'Occitanes Neroli Range 

Perfect for mothers day 

If you are stuck on what to get your mother for mothers day then look no further, L'Occitane have you covered. I am personally a huge fan of all their products but hands down my favourite fragrance Is Neroli, A really pretty delicate scent, And a cheaper alternative to TOM FORD fragrance. Plus Let's face it who wants to fork out £150 which is a lot of money for a fragrance when you can buy it for a third of the price, who's with me on this?

Neroli is one of L'occitanes ten best seller with orange blossom, white musk, and iris. If your mum, or yourself likes floral really classy smell then I would recommend this. This has a complete range to it, so you could have the whole routine. There is a solid soap, shower gel and hand cream I haven't included in the pictures, due to the fact I don't have it. Prices from this range go from £7 - £52. There are two new products they have released just for mothers day, a new bath milk and an oil. The oil is a great alternative if you find the fragrance being a little costly. Im here to give you some honest opinions about these products. 


Now I am hands down going to be honest, I would never ever spend this much on a bath milk. I would however spend that for a friend on a luxury gift. But I find with this, I just squeeze it out, and voila before I know it, I have used a third of the bottle. Don't get me wrong, there are perks for this product. For starters it is beautiful bottled and does leave the bath almost milky. But I need some bubbles in my bath!! I cant have a bath without bubbles, its not right!! 

I will leave you to make up your mind about this.


Okay, so this is more like it. I would buy it for the price. I currently differ between L'Occitanes milk concentrate £38 and the Neroli body milk £20 which are costly anyway. This is one I am going to put on after the shower in the morning. I don't know about you, but I cannot put body milks on in the morning. I feel like they are heavy stick to my clothes and I just get stressy with being uncomfortable. 

So my favourite product out the range the perfume! 


 Worth every penny. Rest assured it a fragrance that would make the perfect gift. Or hint at the other half to buy it for you, that always works. Thi is not quite a perfume around 5% off, but the smell does linger and it stays. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this in the summer, yeah I am a strange person I differ my fragrances depending on the season. 


I actually have one of the old style bottles, They have made them a lot bigger you get around 75ml more now for the same price. I tell my friends time and time again, to fragrance layer. Shower gel, body and perfume. It really works!! Your perfume lasts a lot longer!! 

Overall, this makes a lovely gift, Even if its just a body milk throw in some chocolates and there you have it. Done and dusted for another year.
You can buy gifts set online where you get money off and it comes gift wrapped ready.I have put the link below, interested to see what you get for your mums for mothers day!  

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