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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Smashbox - LIPGLOSS 24/7

SMASHBOX - lipgloss 

shade 24/7

I have never used smash box cosmetics, I always stick with either MAC or Bobbi brown.  But every time I walk past the cosmetics stand in Boots I always see some very pretty eyeshadows and blusher. Now I am a women of sense. I won't spend lots and lots on a brand if I don't like it or I have never used it before. What's the point in that. So on Friday I was in a rush and noticed they have a sale section! 

Did you guys know they had sales?

And they had in a pot five gorgeous lip glosses, I did have too favourites however I love a plum colour for the winter! 

I am always more of a lipstick more than lipgloss due to the fact hair and lipgloss is a disaster waiting to happen, with long hair and wind it becomes sticky and rather messy. 

The lipgloss itself is usually £16.00, On sale I purchased it at a mere £8.00 
The lipgloss had a sloped applicator wand which makes it a lot easier to apply, And Actually comes in a better case then Bobbie brown, which is impressive in my books. I am one of these people who like quality products that look good too. 

The colour itself is really pretty, not as dark as I would like but you sure have that purple plummy colour. the lipgloss too lasts for absolutely hours. Has anyone got a darker shade in Smashbox? 

Also if you have noticed my christmas tree, I put it up few days ago! Getting all festive quite early! 


Smashbox lipgloss - 8/10

Overall really nice, good price and size just wished the shade was at dark as it looks on the outside! 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Some recent and very exciting buys...

Recent buys of mine! 

I haven't been buying a lot, and that is mostly because of a very expensive purchase of mine!
I brought a MINI…. EEEk

yes, faints from too much excitment, So bloggers meet my mini called Marvin!
I have wanted one of these little buggers for about four years ever since I got my first car which was this cute snazzy little black KA. However first cars are not meant to be pretty especially if you are as accident prone as me, and before you know it ! Goodbye little KA. After that whole fiasco I moved to Cheltenham where there was not a need for a car, so two years away from driving I have decided now is a good time. 
So yes, behold my new pride and joy, He is a lovely blue and white car with white rims and white top. I can understand why men start to love their cars more than their wives. 

So yes, Lovely stylish car for me, which is lovely to drive too…

Brightening exfoliator 

A lovely little thing from work, it is actually 75ml and I think I am right to believe you can no longer purchase this, even online. Huge sad face!

This is a lovely exfoliator for very dull looking skin, For those who work those long hours, and get home and just need to wash off the day! 

Ultra RICH face scrub

Yet another little L'Occitane favourite, Especially in this horrible weather and we tend to shove the heating up at home our skin suffers. So this little products contains Shea Butter, which is so kind and gentle to the skin. So It has this comforting soft soap smell. This is about £19.00

Clinique  - Hydrating gel

Emerald and diamond earings 

I NEVER buy green jewellery, It is this stupid little rule that doesn't seem to shake ever since I had red hair for all those years. I find anything green and red clashes big time. However this christmas I am brunette so I am sure I can pull off the green tend. 
These are super cute, little hoops that hook around the ear and have a clutch on the back. They are the perfect size too, and the earrings themselves have this amazing green to them. So clear and really makes a statement with the hair up. 

Have you brought any thing recently..


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blackheadkiller Review *



I love Style Lux. It is a fantastic website from Denmark. They sell a variety of things such as beautiful face products, hair extensions and beauty accessories. 

This gift pack is a fantastic new product which has just been released. The products are perfect for all kinds of skin types, It contains the following ;

- Facial Cleanser
- Peel of mask
-Facial Moisturiser 



It might sound sad but I love the feel of the packaging, very luxurious and good to hold, which is not strange at all, must be just me.. Both the cleanser and the moisturiser are a good size at 100ml each. Makes it a perfect size to have on the dressing table or in the toiletries bag for travelling. 
The peel off mask is 10ml, but seriously you don't even need that much. In one application I must use about half the sachet. 
When it comes to design, they have stuck with their trademark look of the black head killer range,  Which is the cream, red and blue colour scheme.

All three items comes very well presented in a attractive felt box with a window display. 

Have to say, I think they got it right with the packaging, As something like this is appealing to not just me but different age groups and it would make a lovely gift for christmas. 


The best way I could show you is with a face full of make up, admittedly is it late and I have been at work all day but no time like the present! 


I do suffer from serious panda eyes!

'The facial cleanser prepares your skin for the BLACKHEAD KILLER treatment. It opens the pores and simplifies the removal of black heads, excessive fats and other dirt when undergoing the mask treatment'

This product has the strangest consistency of any cleansers I have tried, It comes out looking like shampoo. It is a liquidly texture which is quite shiny. The product is easy to apply and foams up with a little amount of water, and gets off the thickest of makeup.  
This product has a soapy smell that is very faint, So it isn't over powering when you apply it near the nose. It washes off quite easy too. I am really surprised and how this leaves the skin So soft, I felt like there was so need to apply the mask.

Perks of the product

- Smell, Its so lovely!
- How soft it makes the skin, baby soft!
- Good size product
- Gets off day long make up

Bad bits of the product 

- consistency of the cleanser

To buy this separately from the gift pack it is £22.95. 


'Your skin is now ready for the original BLACKHEAD killer facial mask, Apply the cream to your face -Allow ample time for the mask to dry,peel off and taa darr! '

So once you have dried your face after using the facial cleanser you want to start applying the mask, Leaving delicate areas out such as the mouth area,and eyes. Apply a thin layer of the product on the face or on the areas you want to have more of a effect on and leave to dry for 15 minutes or so. This product I have reviewed before, Hurts to peel off but once it is off it is amazing!!! Your skin is left so so so soft, My sister tried this too and agreed. So overall I think this is one to try, I would recommend it to a friend. 

Price wise its about £15.00 for five masks, and if you do it once every three weeks or so will last you about four months. 

If you don't like to peel off the mask you can simply wash off with a flannel, easy to do.

Perks of the product 

- Decent amount of product
- Skin does feel soft and good improvement round the nose area
- Easy to open sachet

Bad bits of the product 

- Quite difficult to peel off if you apply too much product
- Can be messy (get wipes)
- Looks like tar, not a nice colour


'Once you have used the PEEL OFF MASK we recommend that you use a delightful and soothing facial moisturiser'

Such a soothing moisturiser and very cooling to the skin after you have just used the mask. It absorbed into the skin well after about a minute or so. It has yet again a very subtle smell to it, which smells like soap I love that, I find soap is so comforting especially in the winter.
 To buy this separately it is £22.95, I maybe wouldn't purchase  this product, but I would purchase the cleanser. 

It has a milky texture to it which is easy to apply on the face. This product seems like it would last you months and months.

Perks of the product 

- Absorbes into the skin quick
- You only need a tiny bit, It goes a long way
- The smell

Bad points of it 

-The product itself is quite runny so does leave the lid off!


This product is perfect for people with problematic skin, and skin prone to spot break out. It is well presented and can easily make a lovely gift for someone. Easy to follow instructions that are written clearly and perfect for women 16+ and possibly men.


Friday, 7 November 2014



Now, if you are a lucky one to get one of these calendars I applaud you. They are limited edition stock and I think might be already sold out in Boots. However mum came to save the day and got me one!

Boots - NO7 Beauty calendar £35.00

Originally I wanted the Benefit beauty calendar, however they managed to get sold out within hours as expected and where like gold dust to get your hands on, although if you are still crying over that missed purchase you can actually purchase them on eBay for about £200.00 each instead of the £50.00 they cost to begin with. 

Might cost you and arm and a leg, all in the name for beauty?

So yes, Instead of the chocolate boring ones which you went mad for as kids having beauty is so much better. I personally love No7 products too! So having one everyday for 31 days seems like a bloody good month to me and a win win.

It is huge and a little heavy but you know you get your moneys worth. I think the contents worth over £130 in total, so you know you are getting good quality beauty products whether that be creams or polish or eyeliner, Yes the silly calendar tells you on the back what you get inside. I haven't looked I don't want to ruin it for me! Thou I will be posting every now and then with an update into what you get, to give you an idea and maybe you would like too purchase one next year?

The product itself is decorated so pretty. Its a pale pink with glitter on the front, which is so cute and sparkly and christmassy the inside however is more plan with of course the big 25 highlighted with a star! 

I am excited to open this one!!

And of course the contents on the back.. don't look..


Ciate - London

Any lover of nail varnish will love this all 5ml size, Its so cute not too purchase! Little bit steep for £49.00 but worth it for 25 nail varnishes!

Benefit  - Beauty Calendar 

This is a huge one for beauty lovers! Contains all those lovely little products we like, and I think a full size one on christmas day! 

No7 Beauty Calendars 

Yes, have a look!!

Selfridges - Beauty Calendar 

Yep selfridges, all sold out…BOOO!

You beauty calendar 


If you're a huge christmas and beauty lover, you have to get one of these before they are all sold out, Gives you a great chance to try 25 new products!!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween fun

I have so many blogs to start off Christmas, But I feel like I should do this all in order. So halloween first of all. 

My halloween was great, Like it was super short lived but that was down to work. I always tend to spend halloween night itself with the family. We had a  scary party at my sisters and she made a huge effort so as normal we all dress the kids up and ourselves. I made the biggest effort, with a costume which took my two minutes in the car. Go me!!

Mia decorated the house with cobwebs and pumpkins and Scooby too on tele for the kids, There was a delicious selection of party food, like the good old mini sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, and pigs in blankets, swell as halloween cupcakes which went down a treat with the kids. 


I wish I had taken more pictures of the kids and other things,Look how pretty Harper is, and cutey reuben below dressed like a pirate. 



My vampire costume, Yep fake blood. Have to remember  too much of this really scares the kids. 


I know this isn't the most exciting post, but I had to share what I did with you all! 


Saturday, 1 November 2014

october buys


I am one of these bloggers who goes shopping buys things and never blogs about them, I buy most of them with the intention of doing a post. Just cant seem to get around to it. Anyway I was for shopping with my sister for halloween treats and nibbles when I came across the make up counters, DUN DUN DUN and there was a slight sale on! 

Which means I got some super duper sales

Maybelline - SuperStay7 nail polish in shade 
- Rose Poudre 130

This was £2.00 Absolute bargain if you ask me! 

It comes in beautiful pale almost like a grey pink matt finish. Which is fantastic as it looks like a gel, Might have to go and stock up on these bad boys. 

Maybelline - Lipliner 

Lip liners in shade, 

- Sweet Pink 
- Pleasure me red

I have got this huge thing for lipliners, It makes your lips look fuller and makes your lipstick line absolutely perfect. My favourite one Sweet pink was only £1.00 ahh sweet sales...

Maybelline - Colour sensational lipstick

In shade, HoneyBeige


Again a very pretty nude colour, Looks incredible with the lip liner.
However the staying power in this lipstick in shocking, When applying it sort of has a greasy feel which I don't like, But for the pretty colour I will put up with it. 

Move over batiste  
I have a new favourite dry shampoo and it is wonderful!
Cost wise it is about the same, This doesn't have the potent fruity smell that comes with Batiste However it is mega powerful and works as soon as you spray it into the root. Perfect if you have very fine hair and you are after a little bit of volume. Also if you have to leave for work super early and you're rushed

Last bit of my little buying spree in Sainsburys my favourite foundation,  Matt Mousse this time in shade 


A gorgeous foundation that I always go back too! 

Have you brought anything recently?


cotswold diner


And it is not your ordinary diner, Its on a old bus about ten minute drive from cheltenham. Its a converted bus so you step inside and it is made to be set out like an old diner. With Elvis posters all over the walls and old car plates hang above the windows. 

It has this super retro vintage feel to it, and its strange. I love strange bizarre things, especially quirky busses in the middle of no where. 

They do a mixture of food and drinks, Thou it seems very popular for breakfast due to their long all day breakfast menu, They even do pancakes!

I settled for a tea and a sausage sandwich, Yeah I am on a diet soooo what. 

 The food was huge, Like mega huge ! Very kind with the portions leaves you incredibly full, I didn't take a picture due to the fact I was too busy eating it. 

One downside is the fact there are not many seats I think I worked it out to be seven, So if it is busy Tough luck! 

Also look on their Facebook if you get a chance!



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