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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blackheadkiller Review *



I love Style Lux. It is a fantastic website from Denmark. They sell a variety of things such as beautiful face products, hair extensions and beauty accessories. 

This gift pack is a fantastic new product which has just been released. The products are perfect for all kinds of skin types, It contains the following ;

- Facial Cleanser
- Peel of mask
-Facial Moisturiser 



It might sound sad but I love the feel of the packaging, very luxurious and good to hold, which is not strange at all, must be just me.. Both the cleanser and the moisturiser are a good size at 100ml each. Makes it a perfect size to have on the dressing table or in the toiletries bag for travelling. 
The peel off mask is 10ml, but seriously you don't even need that much. In one application I must use about half the sachet. 
When it comes to design, they have stuck with their trademark look of the black head killer range,  Which is the cream, red and blue colour scheme.

All three items comes very well presented in a attractive felt box with a window display. 

Have to say, I think they got it right with the packaging, As something like this is appealing to not just me but different age groups and it would make a lovely gift for christmas. 


The best way I could show you is with a face full of make up, admittedly is it late and I have been at work all day but no time like the present! 


I do suffer from serious panda eyes!

'The facial cleanser prepares your skin for the BLACKHEAD KILLER treatment. It opens the pores and simplifies the removal of black heads, excessive fats and other dirt when undergoing the mask treatment'

This product has the strangest consistency of any cleansers I have tried, It comes out looking like shampoo. It is a liquidly texture which is quite shiny. The product is easy to apply and foams up with a little amount of water, and gets off the thickest of makeup.  
This product has a soapy smell that is very faint, So it isn't over powering when you apply it near the nose. It washes off quite easy too. I am really surprised and how this leaves the skin So soft, I felt like there was so need to apply the mask.

Perks of the product

- Smell, Its so lovely!
- How soft it makes the skin, baby soft!
- Good size product
- Gets off day long make up

Bad bits of the product 

- consistency of the cleanser

To buy this separately from the gift pack it is £22.95. 


'Your skin is now ready for the original BLACKHEAD killer facial mask, Apply the cream to your face -Allow ample time for the mask to dry,peel off and taa darr! '

So once you have dried your face after using the facial cleanser you want to start applying the mask, Leaving delicate areas out such as the mouth area,and eyes. Apply a thin layer of the product on the face or on the areas you want to have more of a effect on and leave to dry for 15 minutes or so. This product I have reviewed before, Hurts to peel off but once it is off it is amazing!!! Your skin is left so so so soft, My sister tried this too and agreed. So overall I think this is one to try, I would recommend it to a friend. 

Price wise its about £15.00 for five masks, and if you do it once every three weeks or so will last you about four months. 

If you don't like to peel off the mask you can simply wash off with a flannel, easy to do.

Perks of the product 

- Decent amount of product
- Skin does feel soft and good improvement round the nose area
- Easy to open sachet

Bad bits of the product 

- Quite difficult to peel off if you apply too much product
- Can be messy (get wipes)
- Looks like tar, not a nice colour


'Once you have used the PEEL OFF MASK we recommend that you use a delightful and soothing facial moisturiser'

Such a soothing moisturiser and very cooling to the skin after you have just used the mask. It absorbed into the skin well after about a minute or so. It has yet again a very subtle smell to it, which smells like soap I love that, I find soap is so comforting especially in the winter.
 To buy this separately it is £22.95, I maybe wouldn't purchase  this product, but I would purchase the cleanser. 

It has a milky texture to it which is easy to apply on the face. This product seems like it would last you months and months.

Perks of the product 

- Absorbes into the skin quick
- You only need a tiny bit, It goes a long way
- The smell

Bad points of it 

-The product itself is quite runny so does leave the lid off!


This product is perfect for people with problematic skin, and skin prone to spot break out. It is well presented and can easily make a lovely gift for someone. Easy to follow instructions that are written clearly and perfect for women 16+ and possibly men.


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