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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Some recent and very exciting buys...

Recent buys of mine! 

I haven't been buying a lot, and that is mostly because of a very expensive purchase of mine!
I brought a MINI…. EEEk

yes, faints from too much excitment, So bloggers meet my mini called Marvin!
I have wanted one of these little buggers for about four years ever since I got my first car which was this cute snazzy little black KA. However first cars are not meant to be pretty especially if you are as accident prone as me, and before you know it ! Goodbye little KA. After that whole fiasco I moved to Cheltenham where there was not a need for a car, so two years away from driving I have decided now is a good time. 
So yes, behold my new pride and joy, He is a lovely blue and white car with white rims and white top. I can understand why men start to love their cars more than their wives. 

So yes, Lovely stylish car for me, which is lovely to drive too…

Brightening exfoliator 

A lovely little thing from work, it is actually 75ml and I think I am right to believe you can no longer purchase this, even online. Huge sad face!

This is a lovely exfoliator for very dull looking skin, For those who work those long hours, and get home and just need to wash off the day! 

Ultra RICH face scrub

Yet another little L'Occitane favourite, Especially in this horrible weather and we tend to shove the heating up at home our skin suffers. So this little products contains Shea Butter, which is so kind and gentle to the skin. So It has this comforting soft soap smell. This is about £19.00

Clinique  - Hydrating gel

Emerald and diamond earings 

I NEVER buy green jewellery, It is this stupid little rule that doesn't seem to shake ever since I had red hair for all those years. I find anything green and red clashes big time. However this christmas I am brunette so I am sure I can pull off the green tend. 
These are super cute, little hoops that hook around the ear and have a clutch on the back. They are the perfect size too, and the earrings themselves have this amazing green to them. So clear and really makes a statement with the hair up. 

Have you brought any thing recently..



  1. I love your car and earrings! Amazing investment on both!

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. LOVE your car!! Fab purchases!


  3. Lovely car!!!

  4. your car is gorge! If i could drive i would definitely buy a mini :)

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to take a look :) x

  5. How exciting that you bought a Mini! Also, I've just realised that we've both done a post with candy canes scattered around.. great minds think alike?! haha yay! :)




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