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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sugar sin - Drury lane London


Drury lane, London

This little treasure is just straight on from Covent garden tube station on Drury lane, Yes if you have watched Shrek that is where the muffin man lives. 

This is a perky bright colourful shop full of little wonders, Few new homemade sweets and some that remind me of being a child again. 

The whole ceiling was full of glass balls, to give the impression of bubbles. It has a very Hip/quirky feel to it. Tiled floors with sweet jar after sweet jar.Yes, I had to take lots of pictures. 

So many sweets to choose from, We found these marshmallow gummy bears dipped in chocolate! These where heaven. We only picked one of each! Next time I will try stock up for err..emergencies? 

John thinking its a little funny to take pictures of the names of the sweets 

Me picking sweets

Me, doing my half of the picking. Yes lets congratulate John of his picture taking abilities..Getting better. 

Yummy goodness

Some a funky shop! They also do home made lollies, I would love to know if anyone has had any lollies from here, Where they good?

These where actually not very nice, I guess you cant like everything you pick! 

Most confused look ever

This is another sneaky photo taking… And me not knowing what to pick, There was so much to choose. Price wise It is very good, a half a bag costs us £5.00. 

John choosing sweets

Next time you're in the covent Garden area, It is worth going in this shop!

National History Museum - London

National History Museum

London August 2014 

National History Museum

I love London, I love everything about it, well apart from the arrogant so and sos. 

I love the cafes, the food, the range of italian restaurants, the small side road shops that sell not one thing the same, the museums, the history and oh the shopping. 

I love the shopping. 

But on this trip we went on the tube to South Kensington and went to the National History museum. 
I recommend having a free day and spending the whole day here as unfortunate for us, Me and John arrived just past 4.30 when the museum closes at 6.00pm.

The main hall

I cannot begin to explain how vast and big this place is, It is simply incredible. 
So much time and detail has gone into building this spectacular museum. I wish we had time to see everything but in an hour and a half we barely covered one third of the building and that was very fast walking. We sadly missed the david Attenborough show which was super sad too. boohoo.

The main hall, Me looking very interested.

The good thing also is that it costs NOTHING, yep nothing.

All you pay for is some of the exhibitions and shows you want to attend these are about £9.00 a person depending on what shows you wanted to see. 

A very tourist picture.

My favourite bits where of course the dinosaurs, I have wanted to see this for a while and it was Johns favourite too. I love history and this was really interesting. Lots of skeletons and facts, and very big moving fake dinosaurs for the kids. Another thing I would recommend it not doing this in the school holidays. It was packed, which made it very difficult to get round. 
Dinosaurs skeletons 

John and me going round the dinosaurs exhibitions 

Such a nice picture of john,and the mammal display.

Super happy man, What I thought was really cool was the Mammals part. I was amazed at how big polar bears are and brown bears. You have these huge halls which you walk through with just loads of stuffed animals and it really is quite the eye opener. I never ever imagined that dolphins and other animals would be that big. 

Top left is one of the bigger halls where the Blue whale and over sea creatures are on display. You can walk around the side and they tell you so many facts. One interesting one is that is shows the different type of teeth the mammoths had.

The huge polar bear, Me admiring the horns to a Irish Stag and the Hippo

Me very amused. 

After being told the museum was closing we headed off down to Exhibitions road to a lovely italian place where we settled and had a very and I will say VERY bitter lemonade. I wish I knew the place of this, cos they did the most amazing cakes. I was good and did not try any being full from lunch. 

John outside the italian cafe in South Kensington,

It was such a lovely time, I will go again and spend about the whole day there. Be so worth it. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Autumn Look NUMBER ONE

Autumn Looks

Now I know its not exactly autumn, but the weather is getting duller and overall it feels like it. 

Which means scarf weather, yippee. 

Time to put all 23 scarves to use!

Make up

I love how vast you can be with make up, I tend to darken my lipsticks and use more autumnal shades. 
Which brings out my love for brown/beige eyeshadow. I never tend to go for those shades in the summer, but with a plum lippy you can't go wrong. 

Here I am wearing 

HD brows
Rimmel BB cream and mascara 
Benefit Bronzer, Mac eyeshadow and Lippy
(Ask for shades)


Warm jackets and coats, Oversized everything, fluffy socks and lots of hot chocolate. What is there to hate about the colder weather coming in. Today I wore

♥Coat BRAND NEW IN River island £80.00
♥Scarf New look £12.00
♥Bag River Island £50.00
♥Plain white vest..Somewhere..
♥Boots - Tescos reduced to £10.00

Oh and these awesome New Look - London socks at only £4.00 how british!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking 

PrimroseVale - Gloucester 

This is the second year running I have been to this place, Last year was a great success I do have a post about it somewhere in last year. However this year wasn't all that great. 

The farm itself is very easy to get too, On one of the main roads from Gloucester to Cheltenham, You swell as having the option to strawberry pick you can choose raspberries, blackberries, loganberries and soon to be christmas trees. 

We went in july time last year and with all the hot weather the place was boiling and packed with loads of strawberries so we managed to get backers full, Which of course helped make the jam. 

But this time when we turned up there was a notice on the board stating the strawberry picking was closed when we asked in the shop she said its due to the bad weather. We where welcome to go around and see if we could find any. 

So we agreed and off we went. 

In total I managed to find about 5, all of which I ate while searching for more.Hungry business strawberry hunting.  This is what I love about strawberry picking. My grandma used to take us to one in Totnes, Devon every year. So this always reminds me of her. 

So with only five strawberries in my tummy, we gave up and opted for the raspberries. 

Too which there was none of these, feeling a little sad about finding nothing at this point.

In the end, we decided that the best thing was too just buy some from the farm shop. Its not as exciting and you don't get to pick which ones you want, However the new batch they put out wouldn't be ripe until beginning of next week. 

Oh well there is always next year. 

What I wore

♥ Cardigan checkered H&M
♥Leggings NewLook
♥Watch Sheen Casio
♥Scarf another new look find and one of my favourite scarfs. 

My makeup was quite subtle today too, 

Oh, and notice the new fringe I put in this morning. 
Yep. Im not a great fan.. Going to spend the next few months growing that bad boy out. 

Hope you all had a much better day than me


NAIL ROCK - Caviar edition




I will apologise upfront for the very bad pictures, I took these late last night with barely any lighting. 

On average a week I change my nail colour about twice, usually I stick with my favourites baby pinks or corals, but this time I ventured out. Nail Rock is not an alien brand to me. A few months ago I reviewed their felt feel nail polishes. If you are interested in these polishes you can buy them from this site below. 


Or if you are in the Uk, Topshop Sell them. 


So the packaging very basic, with the pot full of little red balls. 
Now the great thing about this if that is dries very quick. First coat I realised how bright the nail varnish itself it without about twenty seconds it was completely dry

The colour itself is more of a bright red, So I opted for two coats after applying the second coat to each finger I put the nail straight into the little pot. 

Yes, this was so messy. 

It is a little hard to get a even application, you do have to wiggle your finger about when you are dunking it into the pot.You sort of have to just shake and just tap it. 
I gave this up to half hour to dry. 

I loved the effect it had, Perfect for going out more of a 
3d look.


Yep, as you most likely guessed I woke up and most of it had actually come off, slightly disappointing, Even so because I did apply this at 12.00 at night. 

Having a hot shower made it worse most of them fell straight off so I was like with this effect, where the balls have come off it has made like a silver mark with was quite rough to touch. 

In the end I was so fed up and took them straight off with the nail file, and remover and painted straight over. 

Such a shame as it was a good idea, But what a waste of 6.99!


Thursday, 21 August 2014

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to create perfect hollywood hair

 Step by step how to create perfect hollywood hair 

This is one of my favourite looks, So easy to create too, you can dress this up with a hair accessory for a night out, or simply add a headband for a day time more causal look. 

Being a hairdresser I find this look very easy to do with the right equipment, Even shoulder length hair can pull this off. 


Yes, the tools of the trade. I always stick with what I know so to complete this look you will need the following. 

- Curling wand
- Straighteners 
-Smoothing Serum
- Hairspray 
-Bobbi Pins 
- Pintail comb
- Sectioning clips
- Denman hair up brush

1. Wash hair with two shampoos and conditioner, Blowdry with a flat brush and apply heat protector. 

2. After this you want to start sectioning off the hair in small sections. 

3. Using the curling wand you want to start from the roots area and swirl the hair round the wand, Hold for three seconds and hairspray. With the bottom bit of the hair you want to follow the curl up and pin. Now having experience with a lot of different hair, setting the hair while its still hot from the curling wand and pinning it will give you a longer lasting curl. 

Repeat this throughout the different sections of the hair.

4. You will find the hair has a beautiful curl to it, now slowly undo the hair starting from the first bit you pinned. Don't forget to hairspray. 

5. After you undo the hair, with the penman brush you want to slowly smooth out the hair. And using the sectioning clips you want to follow the wave and pin. Now you are setting the wave in place. 

6. Leave this for about ten minutes, and slowly start to remove pins. Following the wave you want to backcomb up. Apply with shine spray and more hairspray 

The finishing product, big bouncy red carpet curls. if you want a more sleek finish finish off with serum. 

I would love to see you guys do this look! 


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