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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Forest of dean august 2014

Forest of Dean 

August 2014

A full day of no plans, This is very rare for me! I am usually doing something. Since I moved back home a couple months ago, we had my step brothers over Ellis who is ten and Morgan who is fourteen. 

We all decided to go to the Forest Of Dean, which is in the western part of gloucestershire not far from Wales. I have never actually been here, and wow this place is vast. 

I always miss the forest for walks since I moved from Norfolk, I was so lucky because I was two minutes away from it. 

This is about a forty minute drive from Cheltenham, and we all headed off. Me, my mum, Martin and the boys. 

If you go to the main entrance you can do lots of different walks such as the sculpture trail. However we choose a little walk just a ten minute drive away from it. 

After we set off, half hour later it started to rain, I was prepared with both a hoodie and coat but totally the wrong shoes. My bad! 

We ended up walking for about three hours in total, and to say the least our dog, Hetti was knackered. 

We got back in the car and headed off to the cafe at the main entrance where we had to pay £4.00 for carpark even if you're just there for half hour. Shocking. 

I settled for a cup of tea and after a long walk I was getting a little tired. 

I would love to go camping here!!

plans maybe?

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