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Wednesday, 20 August 2014



Devon 2014 

I haven't visited Brixham in about seven years, Living in Torquay growing up, Brixham didn't appear that exciting. 

I went here when I made the trip back down home for Lisas wedding, I had a couple ours to kill. Yet again it was a cloudy rainy day and this little fishing town was heaving with tourists. It is the school holidays so I wouldn't expect any less. 

I did find this awesome shop while I was walking to the harbour called Kaboo, Its a vintage sixties style shop. With the best dresses. 

So walking down the high street I was trying to find a Costa, I know I am a creature of habit. 
But I saw this little shack right on the harbour, It mainly sold the fresh seafood. The fact it was ten  in the morning put me off that. 

A pot of tea was about 1.30 you could never get a pot of tea for that in a branch coffee shop.

Let me point out the cups too, How lovely and quaint. Something I would of seen in the grans house. 

So after the tea I was walking further up the harbour. 

And notice the ship. This is great this is, adults are only £4.00 and children are a lot cheaper. g

Walking up the side of the harbour I found a old sweet/fudge typical tourist shop with Brixham written over all the sweets. 

I found a huge fudge counter

Look how delicious they are, I brought Mia like £3.00 of vanilla fudge which turned out to be a whole bag full. She later told me she ate it for breakfast. 

Have you ever been brixham? 

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  1. The fox print on that dress is adorable! It looks like you had a lovely trip.


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