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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Boston Tea party 2

Boston Tea party 

Second visit

I told you I would be back didn't I, I seem to have a thing about their breakfasts. And as usual I was not disappointed. Unlike last time I did go by myself, which on a weekend was a huge mistake.

I sat down and the place just got packed.  I was meant to have gone down with my other half but with him not coming I was left with just me. And I am not going to miss a date with this place.
I ordered my usual pot of tea and my favourite salmon and cream cheese bagel. 


The only downside to this meal was the butter was straight out the fridge which meant it was hard to spread. But other than that I cannot fault it. It was gorgeous and one of the best I have had in cheltenham.

Beginning to think I should get paid by them for raving on about them. 

I thought it would of come already prepared but I preferred the way it arrived. Got too choose how much cream cheese you wanted on it. 

A selfie of me! 

Bagel was no doubt 10/10

I need to try the lunches anyone with me? 


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