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Monday, 29 June 2015

Laura Mercier foundation primer

Laura Mercier foundation primer

I have been after this little one for a while now, Well ever since the lovely girl at SPACE N. K introduced me to it, I fell in love! It is a perfect product and since I have brought it, I use it everyday.
I really love Laura Mercier products, It really is worth checking out their social networking sites and signing up to their newsletter. 

About the primer, So at £29.00 this isn't a cheap primer, But it is worth is. This one comes out in a creamy clear gel form that just quickly absorbs into the skin and gives it the mattifying feeling. You can put this on top of clean skin or onto of moisturised skin. So the perks of using a primer on your skin. It makes your make up last longer which is a god send for us girls who work stupid amounts of house at work. Mine always seems to melt off my face especially with this heat. It contains the lovely vitamins A,C,and E which helps with free radicals (nasty pollution) great if you work in the city!

For me I just love the feel of this product, Really is worth considering buying especially if you have dry skin like me and need a little more care when doing the daily make up routine. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Boho Top - INSTYLE


 from New look £17.00 

Have you noticed in all the high street shops currently, boho tops are in. I personally love the whole summery laid back casual look of these! I have brought countless versions of boho tops since May. It is just too easy to pair it with some shoes and sandals or some leggins and a leather jacket. Boom! day to evening look is sorted.

I have been after one of these for so long but I never found a style that was flattering for girls with big boobs like myself. You have to be so careful as the tops that hang off the shoulder is a no can do, I need a bra to help hold the girls up.

So this was another New Look find, I just love New Look its always great for price and such lovely designs. This was was just under the £20.00 mark but what really caught my eye was the gorgeous threaded detail and patterns down the front, and the tassels at the bottom of the shirt.

What do you think of think of this style, would you wear it?

I have found some gorgeous finds which I have my eye on below.

River Island

This one is so girly, Maybe it is because I am a lover all everything lace. But its so pretty!!

River island website 

New Look

This one has a little more colour to it, And it more evening you can just pop tho with a leather jacket and it would really turn a day oufit into night time. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

NEW Maybelline master sculpt contouring palette

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette
 01 Light/Medium

Contouring is in yes, mainly down to all the celebs with their chiseled cheekbones and defined facial features. You will find going into both high street and the top make up ranges every single one is releasing, or already has a contour kit. This usually consists of two shades and a highlighter.

Contour palettes are meant to be very easy to apply. Just apply darker shade on the jaw, sides of the nose and the cheekbones then using the highlighter blend it in. I brought this particular palette from BOOTS for a mere £6.99 this one is a newish one to the brand, It has a darker shade and a highlighter and also comes with a handy mirror and an applicator brush.

Hands down to Maybelline, this one is a lovely colour and doubles up as a bronzer too. Personally being a new product it seems the have it all figured out apart form the packaging itself. The moment you swipe the brush the powder residue goes everywhere and it gets very messy very quickly. Which is not great in a make up bag! EUGH! 

This is me wearing no blusher just some eye make up and laura mercer foundation. What do you guys think? will you be trying this out?


Monday, 22 June 2015

IN FASHION - Fringe bags


Primark £6.00

Fringe bags are so in style, You will find all clothes shops such as River Island, Top shop, New look, Primark etc will have some sort of fringe bag in. I personally love them and think the whole style is so  effortlessly chic. It is a mixture of festival look with a bit of boho which I am loving lately. 

This one was a little find at the Primark store in Bristol, Just sitting there on the shelf asking to be brought, as they do. Well c'mon I had been after one for a while. It is a over the shoulder style bag, With a zip compartment great for the coins. And it is a nice size too more for casual outings. You cant really fit much make up in, just the basics purse, phone keys and lip stick. More of like a fringe clutch.

I have added my H&M pom pom just to add a little something.

MY favourites currently




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