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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

L'Occitane New Neroli products for mothers day

L'Occitanes Neroli Range 

Perfect for mothers day 

If you are stuck on what to get your mother for mothers day then look no further, L'Occitane have you covered. I am personally a huge fan of all their products but hands down my favourite fragrance Is Neroli, A really pretty delicate scent, And a cheaper alternative to TOM FORD fragrance. Plus Let's face it who wants to fork out £150 which is a lot of money for a fragrance when you can buy it for a third of the price, who's with me on this?

Neroli is one of L'occitanes ten best seller with orange blossom, white musk, and iris. If your mum, or yourself likes floral really classy smell then I would recommend this. This has a complete range to it, so you could have the whole routine. There is a solid soap, shower gel and hand cream I haven't included in the pictures, due to the fact I don't have it. Prices from this range go from £7 - £52. There are two new products they have released just for mothers day, a new bath milk and an oil. The oil is a great alternative if you find the fragrance being a little costly. Im here to give you some honest opinions about these products. 


Now I am hands down going to be honest, I would never ever spend this much on a bath milk. I would however spend that for a friend on a luxury gift. But I find with this, I just squeeze it out, and voila before I know it, I have used a third of the bottle. Don't get me wrong, there are perks for this product. For starters it is beautiful bottled and does leave the bath almost milky. But I need some bubbles in my bath!! I cant have a bath without bubbles, its not right!! 

I will leave you to make up your mind about this.


Okay, so this is more like it. I would buy it for the price. I currently differ between L'Occitanes milk concentrate £38 and the Neroli body milk £20 which are costly anyway. This is one I am going to put on after the shower in the morning. I don't know about you, but I cannot put body milks on in the morning. I feel like they are heavy stick to my clothes and I just get stressy with being uncomfortable. 

So my favourite product out the range the perfume! 


 Worth every penny. Rest assured it a fragrance that would make the perfect gift. Or hint at the other half to buy it for you, that always works. Thi is not quite a perfume around 5% off, but the smell does linger and it stays. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this in the summer, yeah I am a strange person I differ my fragrances depending on the season. 


I actually have one of the old style bottles, They have made them a lot bigger you get around 75ml more now for the same price. I tell my friends time and time again, to fragrance layer. Shower gel, body and perfume. It really works!! Your perfume lasts a lot longer!! 

Overall, this makes a lovely gift, Even if its just a body milk throw in some chocolates and there you have it. Done and dusted for another year.
You can buy gifts set online where you get money off and it comes gift wrapped ready.I have put the link below, interested to see what you get for your mums for mothers day!  

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Prague My travels day one


Prague - Praha 

I am so one of these people that love to travel, be that in england or abroad. I have visited a fair amount of cities in europe but never have I come across one so lovely as Prague. Prague was on the bucket list so when a friend suggested I meet him there for lunch I booked a flight for around 300 return and off I went.

Let me just say that it was one of the most spontaneous things I have done. It was the first time I flew on a plane by myself and of all the airports I could have picked, I picked Heathrow. To my advantage I had booked with British Airways, A great thing as you can check into your flight 24 hours early which means to need to hang around checking in and you can go straight to security.

So after a quick half and a half flight I arrived into prague at around 9.30am in the morning, Getting out of prague airport took less than thirty minutes which was very quick. Then from outside I got a taxi straight to Les Maines hotel in the centre of prague, I had done my research here and I know taxis cost a ridiculous amount to people actually living in prague,. it worked out to be 690 CZ which is around eighteen english pounds. Maybe its due to the fact over in England a forty minute journey would cost us around forty pounds I thought it was not that bad.

I was quite lucky with the weather as it turned out to be a beautiful day so after dropping my bags off at the hotel, I met with my friend and we wandered around the city. I would compare prague to be very similiar to paris just a lot less touristy.

So I was pre told before my flight that if I went into the centre of prague to find a  TRDELNIK stand and try it, It is like a warm cinnamon donut, filled with loads and loads of nutella. They are kind here with the portion sizes, so one of these you can easily share between two. 

''A trdelnik is actually a tradiotnal Slovak cake, Orginally from Romania it is also known in Czech Republic. It is made from a rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, grilled over hot coals and topped with sugar and walnut mix''

So away from the food after a short walk we came to the very famous astrology clock. This is bang on in the centre of prague  in the old square and it is incredible. Everything is costly around here so if you are going to eat dinner in the square be prepared to spilt with your money. 

Astrology clock 

'' It is a medieval astronomical clock, the clock was first installed in 1410 making it the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one that works'' 

So every hour the clock chimes and the little people start moving out of the windows and if you look closely you will see death on the top right hand side of the clock. When the clock chimes you see him ringing his bell and the rooster moving. It is quite ery when you look at it closely. But it a spectacle not to be missed when you're in prague. I highly recommend paying the 200 CZ a person and walking up to the tower, not only do you get the best views of the city but you also learn the history of the tower. This was something I am glad I did whilst in Prague. The tower itself is wheelchair friendly with an elevator, just to be said there is a lot of walking to the top. But the views on the top watching the sunset are worth it.

So after that we stopped for a drink on the way to prague castle, another huge  thing to see if your ever in prague, Wiki says its the largest ancient castle in the world, and who am I to argue with that?
Back to what I was rambling on about so on the way there we walked past the prague state opera house which was beautifully lit up. I am a fan of classical music and since the opera was inside they also had a huge screen outside showing it and stands where you could buy nibbles and prosecco (the way to my heart) This will be something I will look back few years down the line an think wow. 

Having the couple drinks before walking up all those steps up to the castle really helped. As the stairs seem endless. However due to the fact it was around 9.10pm the castle itself was closed but you could still walk around it. 

The castle and the grounds are as beautiful as I expected very similar to a cathedral in oleans, france. It was very big, gothic looking and made with such detail. 

So dinner turned out to be rather late, I had the traditional beef goulash, when in rome etc. I got a thumbs up of my friend who had been to Prague many times before and said it was one of the best he had tasted. This for me was the best meal I had out out here. 

So day one, was full of adventure. And thanks for the 2 hours sleep I got the previous night. I went back to the hotel ready for a busy day,

Saturday, 19 December 2015

collection - CONTOUR KIT

Contour Kit 

One of the great things I really love about make up, is that you can really have a play. There endless amount of brands out there to try. I love having a mix between high street and professional make up brands. Collection was one of those trusted brands I always turned to when I was in school. I  rocked the cat eye look for a good few years thanks to their Collection liquid eyeliner ( was a god send)

It is a good brand, if you are on a budget or if you do go through make up relatively quick as it won't leave you out of pocket. When I saw this lovely palette lying on the counter at boots I had to do a double take, This for the amazing price of £3.99 looked too appealing not to buy.

So outside, great design for the price. Little tricky to open if you have false nails (always the case) But what is really good is the fact it has a little mirror on the lid when you lift it up.

So on the left hand side you have a highlighter and the right a bronzer, trick is to use both these shades to contour the face, Simply run the darker shade up the cheekbones and the highlights just slightly above this. There are lots of contouring videos about on youtube if you want to see how to do this from a  pro. I have taken a few pictures without photoshopping to see the look it gives. the highlighter is very subtle so you might end up re-applying more than once. It does give this gorgeous dewy look, which I love. Very similar to the Maybelline contour set I brought for twice the price. I think I prefer this one

Friday, 18 December 2015

Clinique POP Lip colour and Primer

Pop Lip colour and primer 

So hands down I will admit I have never ever owned any Clinique  make up. I am a fan however of their skincare ranges that they do, especially the moisture surge cream (incredible stuff). It never really struck me to try their make up ranges.

So this little beauty was thanks to a secret santa at work and fellow blogger. This is in the shade -PUNCH POP a fantastic bright shiny pink, maybe the brightest pinky/purple shade I have for my collection. 

The great thing about this lipstick other than the price (slightly more than MAC) Is the fact it contains a primer. Which means great easy smooth application with a high pigment colour that doesn't dry out the lips. Almost feels like you have put on a nourishing lip balm. I can see this being popular in the spring and summer, such a fresh shade. 

With regards to how long is stays looking vibrant, I will have to see. Currently got it on today and two hours in and it still looks great. Do you have one of these, do you rate them high? 

Sunday, 20 September 2015




It has been a while since I have posted online, give or take it has been around three months so please be patient with me while I update a few things.So onto the subject at hand we do have a local Lush store here in cheltenham, but the place to go for bath bombs is the oxford store! (exclusives).So out of all the bath bombs I have tried this is hands down my favourite.So according to the LUSH website, this is meant to smell like fresh crisp apples and cinnamon which results in a spicy cinnamon toffee scent. Can I just mention this turns the bath into a gorgeous yellowy colour. 

For me the bath was a more lemony citrus scent, I couldn't really smell the cinnamon however that might just be me. This is one worth trying if you haven't already. 


Benefit bold is beautiful project



For only £2.00 from any Benefit store or counter you can purchase this sample pack. Not only are you purchasing the samples you are donating money toward their project. 
Benefits helps two charities, One being the  Look Good Feel Better  which helps supporting women with cancer and another being the Refuge charity which is for women and children against domestic violence. i am sure if we all gave them £2 it would go along way. 

What you get in the pack

Face emulsion SPF 15 
It hydrates, protects and comforts the skin. Really good sample size you can get just over a days worth of product if you use it day and night. 

Fades dark circles and helps smooth fines lines all while promoting radiance. Another decent size sample (don't forget you only need a rice grain amount with any eye cream) Don't swipe always press the cream into the skin. 

BIG EASY Complexion Perfector 

 Here they give you three different shades, this is meant to be one of their best selling products or so I was told at the counter, I would love to see if you have a review of it. 
- Balances moisture 
- Self adjusts to your skin tone
-Evens skin colour with a powder finish
-SPF 35+

A brightening foundation 
Helps protect against free radicals, Gives a plumping effect and with vitamin C it helps signs of ageing. This is a product I currently own already and it is fantastic. Gives your skin a beautiful glow too. 

This works great as a starter pack too if you have never tried Benefit cosmetics, go up to the counter and ask!


Monday, 29 June 2015

Laura Mercier foundation primer

Laura Mercier foundation primer

I have been after this little one for a while now, Well ever since the lovely girl at SPACE N. K introduced me to it, I fell in love! It is a perfect product and since I have brought it, I use it everyday.
I really love Laura Mercier products, It really is worth checking out their social networking sites and signing up to their newsletter. 

About the primer, So at £29.00 this isn't a cheap primer, But it is worth is. This one comes out in a creamy clear gel form that just quickly absorbs into the skin and gives it the mattifying feeling. You can put this on top of clean skin or onto of moisturised skin. So the perks of using a primer on your skin. It makes your make up last longer which is a god send for us girls who work stupid amounts of house at work. Mine always seems to melt off my face especially with this heat. It contains the lovely vitamins A,C,and E which helps with free radicals (nasty pollution) great if you work in the city!

For me I just love the feel of this product, Really is worth considering buying especially if you have dry skin like me and need a little more care when doing the daily make up routine. 

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