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Monday, 28 July 2014

New buys - July


Now I am one of many I assume who have never owned a watch, I just didn't see much point. I either checked my phone or we had numerous clocks in the salon where I worked. However now I have two jobs, I am beginning to feel like a watch is a very good investment. 

I am one of the fussy types too, I did end up last month buying just a make do watch from new look. However second time wearing it I smashed the glass, Its a mystery to me how I actually did that. 

Anyway this watch retails at 160.00 I got it much cheaper! Thank you staff discount! 

You can buy them off the Casio website for sheen now! 

I also got a few hairdressing bits, hair pads, clips, and some fancy new clippers! 

This was 10.00 reduced from 45.00 from Topshop

I also got a soul cal shirt for working out in, and the other half a new firetrap tee!

Ive been busy busy!! 


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Days with the other half

I really value these special days, Life has got so busy that we are seeing each other about once a month. Believe me him living on the outskirts of london and me living couple hundred miles away are taking its toll. 

Lat week I travelled up to see him by train goes straight to Paddington station, however due to an passenger getting ill, I was sat in Stroud waiting for the train to move for over an hour. 

So got in London about 9.40 ish and then went to his. 

Some beautiful flowers he got me

On the tuesday sods law he was working, but he managed to get the wednesday off, We took of to Cheshire to the greats woods for a picnic, Which was crazy hot. 

We had brought picnic food before hand, however next time we will be making our own. 

We ended up doing just over a 2.5 mile walk, quite short but very uncomfortable in that heat. 

So later on after the walk we went for dinner over his mums and had a huge roast which was lovely! I just cant stand this heat! I must be the only one who actually loves a little bit of cold weather. Nothing wrong with putting more clothes on, however there is so much you cant actually take off when it is hot. 


Late posts - Birthday JUNE 2014

I know I have been M.I.A lately just so much has happened. After I moved back in with mum she has now sold the house and we are moving. Which means I cant keep the job due to the travel time and silly hours that they give me. So I am sure a lot of things will be changing in the next few months. 

Anyway this is a happy post about my birthday!

Happy 22nd Birthday to me!

Some beautiful flowers I have received. 

So the day started of as normal, Mia beckoning me to go town with her early as possible as she needed to grab a few things from the art shops. So being the good twin I came into town with her, She did however buy me a fantastic breakfast at our favourite Italian restaurant in cheltenham. The one just off the high street, on Winchombe street. It s small family owned restaurant called Dolce and Salato. 

I have written a post before about this little restaurant, Never before Have I met such friendly people and people who like kids and welcome them into their restaurant . The food was great as always I opted for scrambled egg and salmon ( weight watchers you will thank me later ) and Mia opted for the full work which for 6.95 including a pot of tea orange juice too! great prices! We did take the little ones into town which giving them a croissant they where really well behaved. On the trip out of the shop Mia decided to get a few treats for herself. Lucky me only had a nibble of one. 

Birthday breakfast

Mias large arrangements of nibbles.

So back home it was to pick up her oldest Dylan who's 4 from nursery, We watched a few movies and of course it was time for lunch. I have never actually spent the day with my sister on our birthday, I am usually with the other half at the time. However with john living so far away that was near enough impossible. 

Now sushi is one of my favourite foods, so with it being impossible to go to dinner we choose a nice lunch out instead just taking dylan and Harper and leaving Rueben with grandma for a couple hours. 

Beautiful little Harper

The most amazing cheesecake balls


Mia and Harper 

Me and Dylan pulling faces.

My twin Mia 

So back at home with a full belly, and Oh look how pretty my cake is!!!

M&S you work wonders!

And on my new plates I got from the vintage fair in gloucester

What I got.

One of my main presents from John and Mother was the new tattoo I had which I love, something to remind me of my man!

I also got a few little bits from my sister and my dad, too many photos to post so here are some random ones!

I would of much rather stayed 21, but we cant all be young forever :( 


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