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Friday, 27 February 2015

L'Occitane International Womens day Soft balm

L'Occitane International Women's day solidarity BALM

Every year on the 8th March people all around the world celebrate International women day, What a great day right? Who knew this day existed? It is a day to inspire woman and celebrate achievements. With L'occitanes foundation working closely with the women of burkino faso, they have released a soft balm which 100% of the profits goes back into to the foundation and back to women. 

A little more about the history..

It all started back in the 1980s, when founder of L'occitane Olivier Baussam went to Burkino Faso.  In this place he discovered the miracle ingredient which is SHEA BUTTER, Which is in a lot of products you see nowadays. 

The soft balm
Yes, a measly four pound!
This is store only, they don't sell them online 

Its a fantastic apricot scent, smells a little like mango too. It is a good size tin a lot bigger than your average Nivea. So with it being a high street brand as well as getting the most for your money. It is going towards a good cause. 

You can use it
- Dry areas, elbows etc, 
- Cuticles 
- Sore chapped lips
-Sore nose
-Under lipstick
-Flyway hair 

For me, this is perfect on the lips! I am not sure about on the hair, putting a silky butter on the hair for me just screams greasy!

Buy one and see what you think! 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LOVES - rose gold home accessories

CURRENT LOVE - Rose gold home accessories

I seem to go through colour themes and this spring for me it is all about the rose gold, Copper and metallics. I think they are such beautiful feminine colours to have around my bedroom and when I spotted this for a mere £12.99 from Homesense, It was love at first sight.

However, Theres a problem I have no idea what it is for. Yes, I make a habit of buying random  pointless but pretty things.


I was thinking maybe it is just for decoration, should I put flowers in there? Or a place to store my brushes, But it is rather large for that. 

I like the idea of a lantern, So I might have to go purchase a few more candles! What do you guys think I could do with it?? 

Some more rose gold things I am just loving! 

From Roseandgrey.co.uk Check out their website here! 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015



So a huge perk in living in gloucestershire, is the fact we have a NIKE outlet, Hooray I hear you say. If not you should be hooraying. Its an outlet store which means discounted items, and who doesn't love that. 
In the last eight weeks I have been on a health kick. I've lost 2 stone and am eating a lot better, I joined a gym started Pilates. Its going great so I thought I would treat myself with some new workout gear. 

I got some new Nike shoes, really nice colour and so comfy. Now don't be worries Nike is actually an american brand so all the sizes got me baffled for a while, but after knowing my size I literally started opening all the boxes to see which shoes would fit me. I am a UK size 6! Average you say, however no. The guy in the store said I needed an American size 9, way to make me feel bad about my shoe size.

Look how beautiful they are, and a steal from £80.0 to £55.00 

I then brought two new pairs of leggings. I never go for leopard print simply because I feel it looks cheap. However I really fell in love with these bad boys, and I got some plain grey ones too.



I then got this super lightweight tank kind of top, Perfect for running. Its black with a NIKE print across it, I got this in size Large however it does show a lot of the sports bra on the side. Just a heads up. 

Yes, I spent a lot with all of this however I saved a lot of money. I also got a couple other bits like a plain grey nike hoodie for only £25.00 and a Black sports bra for £21.00 

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Lillylosingitforgood - 

Monday, 23 February 2015

LUSH valentines Bath BOMBS

Lush Valentines limited edition bath bombs. 

So a week before valentines I popped into my local Lush in Cheltenham. With lush in the past I have found them to be really good, however this is from past visits to the Norwich store. In Cheltenham I was served straight away by a girl who was helpful and friendly. In this store alone there is always about six girls standing around who work there just chatting to each other. I find it very intimidating for a very small shop to have a lot of employees. 

I do love to have a relaxing bath a couple times a week.  I find going using Lush creates a  special bath mainly because of the smell which is heavenly, but also because the colour it leaves the bath is lovely. 

I chose the following:

The love locket bath bomb - Limited Edition

This contains jasmine and sensual oils with seaweed (confetti) biodegradable hearts in the centre so it dissolves so no harm is done to the ocean, your bath or your skin.

The heartthrob Bubbleroon £2.99

Let me start of with the love locket. This is really disappointing. 

I was explained in the shop you get THREE Baths out of this, By simply putting it into the water it will crack and you will end up with two smaller ones inside. That is not what happened. 

So following the girls information she gave me I put it into the bath and voila it just dissolved. Little bubbles with no smell and nothing to show for the other baths. So having spent £8.00 on one bath I wasn't happy. 

So in my head I was thinking, surely it wouldn't simply all dissolve. So I went on to the trusty Lush website, to find out you don't put it in the bath but you crack it open. WHY WAS I NOT TOLD THIS IN THE SHOP? 

So apart from the that, you can see the bath was left with a pinky hue, but no bubbles or smell to it. Which was highly disappointing. It was like I had paid £8 for a really pink bath that wasn't all that good. 

I would give this 1/10 and I would not recommend this to anyone. 

Heart throb bubbleroon - Limited Edition

This is one which you crumble and run under the hot water, It contains cinnamon, vanilla and Ylang Ylang oil. It is this beautiful rich red colour with a creamy yellow centre, It looks good enough to eat. 

This one was very easy to spilt in half and you could really smell the cinnamon. To me that is more of a christmas festive scent. However it was still lovely. 

I crumbled little bits into the bath, and dissapointingly there were very little bubbles as you can see. The bath was a lovely red colour which reminded me of my bright red hair days when I used to wash it and stain the bath bright red. 

So overall, the bathroom smelt good so its a 3/10

I am a little gutted, I expected more from Lush, not with just the product but the staffs knowledge in store. I know that rhe popular bloggers like Zoella rave about Lush products but I am finding it really hard to see what is so great about them now. 

What are you opinions? 

Sunday, 22 February 2015


What is in my bag. 

New year new bag and before you know if an endless Mary Poppins bag, One that is never ending. I have two bags, A large one for work that will fit my huge make up bag in a lot of other things from River Island £49.99 and a Satchel for my days off which is a Vintage Zara.

- I always keep a hairbrush and a comb in my bag for those rainy day hair emergencies. I always tie my headbands about the bottom of the brush, thats not strange right..Anyone else do that? It is just practical otherwise I will just keep losing them, and before you know it I will have none.

- Headphones. Yet another item I always end up loosing. I use them to walk from work, to work at the gym or doing Pilates. They are a god send yet I put them down and forget where I have left them 

- Michael Kors Purse - I was actually going to purchase a mulberry purse however this one was on sale and it was a steal for under £100 I fell in love with the black and white colour and the size , its great too in the middle of it there is a compartment for your iPhone however for the loose change this purse is useless and there is no zip to keep it all together. But It will do! 

- Work keys and car keys, Cant forget about these.

 - Multi Vitamins, I never used to have these but since the beginning of the year they help with the iron levels. 

- Macbook, for blogging on my break at work, Having a huge bag is handy because this literally just slips into it and its protected! Voila.

- Filofax, This was a gift from my mum for christmas and wow! how have I lived without one for this long. Perfect for writing in the girls hours at work so I know who's with me what days, appointments, birthdays. I feel so much more organised with this. And its a gorgeous red too.

- Mulberry phone case - I love mulberry they do such gorgeous bags. Yes, A bag is going to be my birthday present to myself this year.. Why not, who needs a man!

- L'Occitane Hand cream, Yes I keep two in my bag I am sure that is normal also have them in my coat, Molton brown one in the car these are such cute little sizes and helps my hands feel gorgeous.  

 - Verbena Eau de toilette, Everyone needs a perfume in their bag. I have recently changed this is was a Jasper Conran one but I am spicing it up and changing them a lot because I am hoarding perfumes at the moment and keeping them for years


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New cherry blossom range - Loccitane

NEW - Cherry Blossom Leau range from L'occitane

 Valentines dayhas been and gone, Lucky for those people in love! Hope all you beauties got spoiled rotten. But not so much for us singletons. So I needed a plan. A day of retail therapy was in order However I was being good (saving money) and checked out L'Occitanes new range. 

This new limited range is very similar to the Classic cherry blossom range, However this one is more fruity floral, compared to delicate floral. Containing gorgeous blackcurrant and watermelon which will be in stores now.

You have the following new items,

 Fragrance Touch £18.00

This is one for the pulse points, inside of the wrist and side of the neck. It smells so good, really can smell the blackcurrant. This is the first fragrance touch they have released, I don't personally know if they have sold one before?

It is a gel formula that quickly gets absorbs into the skin. Smelllllls heavenly. 

The NEW Cherry Blossom Leau Hand cream - 30ml for £8.00

If there is one thing this french beauty company is known for it is their hand creams. Cutest little handbag sizes and such pretty packaging. This new cherry contains Shea butter, So as well as smelling like a fruit basket your hands will feel so nourished. 

Lip Balm £8.50

This is a permanent item that L'Occitane will be keeping. This lip balm does not contain the watermelon or blackcurrent it is more classic cherry blossom scent so a delicate floral scent and a gorgeous subtle light pink colour. 

Eau De toilette £35.00

The most popular product of the NEW cherry blossom range, Really gorgeous mouthwatering scent, And a really cute bottle. You have to keep in mind this is limited edition so might not be on the shelves soon.

Shower Milk and Body Lotion 

WHAT? A shower milk, CRAZY GOOD. I love shower milks so I was more then thrilled when I got one of these. I would recommend you use with a flannel. Its a gorgeous foaming milk that foams up under hot water. Perfecto! And the moisturiser contains a Mecca, A natural glitter so Your skin has this lovely sheen and shine to it! 

Recommend you check out the range!!

Lil! x

HOME HAUL - homesense

Home Haul

You would of thought since I moved out my apartment I would stop buying house things, you thought wrong. I admit I went through a lot of phrases one being I could not stop buying cushions, throws and then photo frames. So I have more cushions to last me a good ten years. 

Every month  I go into Homesense, Its this awesome shop where everything is discounted a bit like T K Max, but a lot of house stuff. The one thing I love about this store is that it is so rare to find two things the same, If you are into pinterest this is the shop for you! 

"Love you to the moon and back" Gold and black frame £16.99
"Do all things with love" £16.99

I thought these where just gorgeous, I am lacking in the picture department at home and these are perfect to put in the office or bedroom.  Its a fab idea to do a 'slogan/sayings' wall!

Cute little white potted plants £3.99 each

There is something so peaceful about having plants around the house! Better when they are not real, I do forget to water my actual plants. Ive learnt that from experience these you can put on any windowsill or looks really cute on a desk.  

Gold frames Left was £6.99 Right was £4.99

I am loving gold/copper this year or anything with a metallic sheen, And texture! Yes I cant stop buying photo frames!

£11.99 8LB Kettleball

For all the fitness freaks, I love their range of dumbbells and workout equipment at such good prices.

£3.99 Glass water bottle 

One for the kitchen now! Yes, I love the vintage look of the bottle and the lid as well. I do take this into my bedroom with me as It looks nice on the side table, And look at the handle. So cool! 

More frames.. Left £5.00 Right £5.99

How funky is the frame on the right, One for the office. It has these gorgeous patterns on however the majority of the frames you get from Homesense you cant put on the wall. 

Polar FT4 £69.99

I am adding this with my FT7 Polar watch. Its a great fitness watch, it shows you the calories you burn and how long you have been doing it for. The benefits of the FT7 is that the watch actually shows you if your fat burning or fitness. Really great invention to get you moving! Comes in a range of colours too! 

What do you guys think have you been shopping lately'? 

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