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Monday, 23 February 2015

LUSH valentines Bath BOMBS

Lush Valentines limited edition bath bombs. 

So a week before valentines I popped into my local Lush in Cheltenham. With lush in the past I have found them to be really good, however this is from past visits to the Norwich store. In Cheltenham I was served straight away by a girl who was helpful and friendly. In this store alone there is always about six girls standing around who work there just chatting to each other. I find it very intimidating for a very small shop to have a lot of employees. 

I do love to have a relaxing bath a couple times a week.  I find going using Lush creates a  special bath mainly because of the smell which is heavenly, but also because the colour it leaves the bath is lovely. 

I chose the following:

The love locket bath bomb - Limited Edition

This contains jasmine and sensual oils with seaweed (confetti) biodegradable hearts in the centre so it dissolves so no harm is done to the ocean, your bath or your skin.

The heartthrob Bubbleroon £2.99

Let me start of with the love locket. This is really disappointing. 

I was explained in the shop you get THREE Baths out of this, By simply putting it into the water it will crack and you will end up with two smaller ones inside. That is not what happened. 

So following the girls information she gave me I put it into the bath and voila it just dissolved. Little bubbles with no smell and nothing to show for the other baths. So having spent £8.00 on one bath I wasn't happy. 

So in my head I was thinking, surely it wouldn't simply all dissolve. So I went on to the trusty Lush website, to find out you don't put it in the bath but you crack it open. WHY WAS I NOT TOLD THIS IN THE SHOP? 

So apart from the that, you can see the bath was left with a pinky hue, but no bubbles or smell to it. Which was highly disappointing. It was like I had paid £8 for a really pink bath that wasn't all that good. 

I would give this 1/10 and I would not recommend this to anyone. 

Heart throb bubbleroon - Limited Edition

This is one which you crumble and run under the hot water, It contains cinnamon, vanilla and Ylang Ylang oil. It is this beautiful rich red colour with a creamy yellow centre, It looks good enough to eat. 

This one was very easy to spilt in half and you could really smell the cinnamon. To me that is more of a christmas festive scent. However it was still lovely. 

I crumbled little bits into the bath, and dissapointingly there were very little bubbles as you can see. The bath was a lovely red colour which reminded me of my bright red hair days when I used to wash it and stain the bath bright red. 

So overall, the bathroom smelt good so its a 3/10

I am a little gutted, I expected more from Lush, not with just the product but the staffs knowledge in store. I know that rhe popular bloggers like Zoella rave about Lush products but I am finding it really hard to see what is so great about them now. 

What are you opinions? 


  1. These are so interesting


  2. I want some of these bath bombs so badly! They look gorgeous. Great blog.
    xo, Lauren-lee

  3. How disappointing! I find that their bath bombs never produce many bubbles, and I've bought the bubble wands before and was extremely disappointed because they created barely any!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. That's such a shame about the Love Locket. I really loved the scent but agree it wasn't too exciting in terms of colour pay off. Also I cracked mine open and got 2, rather than 3 baths out of it. Had no idea it was so expensive as well, I got mine as a present.

    I didn't like the Heart Throb Bubbleroon because it had so much glitter!



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