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Sunday, 22 February 2015


What is in my bag. 

New year new bag and before you know if an endless Mary Poppins bag, One that is never ending. I have two bags, A large one for work that will fit my huge make up bag in a lot of other things from River Island £49.99 and a Satchel for my days off which is a Vintage Zara.

- I always keep a hairbrush and a comb in my bag for those rainy day hair emergencies. I always tie my headbands about the bottom of the brush, thats not strange right..Anyone else do that? It is just practical otherwise I will just keep losing them, and before you know it I will have none.

- Headphones. Yet another item I always end up loosing. I use them to walk from work, to work at the gym or doing Pilates. They are a god send yet I put them down and forget where I have left them 

- Michael Kors Purse - I was actually going to purchase a mulberry purse however this one was on sale and it was a steal for under £100 I fell in love with the black and white colour and the size , its great too in the middle of it there is a compartment for your iPhone however for the loose change this purse is useless and there is no zip to keep it all together. But It will do! 

- Work keys and car keys, Cant forget about these.

 - Multi Vitamins, I never used to have these but since the beginning of the year they help with the iron levels. 

- Macbook, for blogging on my break at work, Having a huge bag is handy because this literally just slips into it and its protected! Voila.

- Filofax, This was a gift from my mum for christmas and wow! how have I lived without one for this long. Perfect for writing in the girls hours at work so I know who's with me what days, appointments, birthdays. I feel so much more organised with this. And its a gorgeous red too.

- Mulberry phone case - I love mulberry they do such gorgeous bags. Yes, A bag is going to be my birthday present to myself this year.. Why not, who needs a man!

- L'Occitane Hand cream, Yes I keep two in my bag I am sure that is normal also have them in my coat, Molton brown one in the car these are such cute little sizes and helps my hands feel gorgeous.  

 - Verbena Eau de toilette, Everyone needs a perfume in their bag. I have recently changed this is was a Jasper Conran one but I am spicing it up and changing them a lot because I am hoarding perfumes at the moment and keeping them for years


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