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Tuesday, 30 September 2014



If you read my blog at all you would know I have this beautiful little niece called Harper! Who turned the big ONE today. She is my twins little girl, so she means the world to me!

How cute is she! The whole family had a shindig on Saturday for her with loads of cakes and presents and loads of children. However I was at work so I popped over  on Monday to give her the presents. I did previously do a little shopping trip in to town to White Stuff and Clintons. 

I got her a pretty Pj set from white stuff, It is white and has ballerinas all over. And it is actually the first thing I have ever brought from the shop, and I am in love with it, Such beautiful beautiful clothes and home bits. The frames and cushions…Drowl…So much money, But so beautiful. When I will have children I will have to shop here. 

Look at her little Doc Martens her mum got her!

Wanted to share this cute picture with you all!! 

Saturday, 27 September 2014



I never post about fashion, Actually come to think of it, I think I have blogged about this once before. I love fashion, I love putting outfits together and playing with clothes. However I think because I am still insecure with myself, I tend to play the safe card a lot. 
However with work I have to wear smart, all black and hair tied back So on my days off I do tend to wear brighter clothes just so I don't constantly feel like I am going to a dam funereal.

I went into New Look in Cheltenham, which FYI. CRAP customer service, I basically got insulted by a member of staff, Saying for my size I should shop only in plus size stores..

Hold on…..  *****

So with that current mood, I picked up what I wanted and was out the door. 

I got this beautiful long oversized boyfriend jacket/coat, Which I love it is so stylish!!
And I think its perfect for when you're cold you can wrap it around you. It adds a little more ZING to the constant line of black dresses I own. 

Newlook for only £29.99 New in.

I also got this lovely dress from H&M, Its slightly fitted around the bust and fits so comfortable, Its so hard to find a plain smart dress where it's actually stylish and fashionable. As normal however H&M never fail!

H&M Black Dress £16.99

H&M Tights £7.99

I also wore a chain and bead necklace from New Look, I don't know why I happen to shop here so much! That was £5.99


Friday, 26 September 2014


L'Occitane Beauty Goodies

Who's a busy Lauren! Been so busy this last week with starting a new job and everything. Which let me tell you is scary and exciting all at the same time. So today was pay day and I got a couple little goodies from work, Including the most amazing hand cream and a new product for nail and cuticle called cuticle cream which is just amazing!!

It was also my second day at work on thursday, so we had a management meeting. It was so nice to meet all the other girls and to have RosĂȘ wine and percy pigs which was a lovely treat! I got given a lovely treat bag too as a welcome to the team which was super lovely! Full of products.We headed off to Copa afterwards for some Prosecco (yum) then to Bills in Cheltenham for food. Bills is a chain restaurant but if you haven't been it is a must! They sat us at this beautiful round table with the most incredible chandelier, which would make a lovely restaurant for a date..If only.

So the Goodies I brought 

Shea Butter Hand Cream 

This is my favourite product out the lot, It is mainly for dry and sensitive skin but can be used on every skin type. I put this on throughout the day to keep my hands felling and smelling gorgeous. This doesn't leave you broke either. A huge tube like this is only £19.00 and the travel size is £8.00, Works out better if you buy the big one! 5/5

Shea Butter Cuticle Cream 

This is a new product to me and for £12.00 its a little miracle worker. Whilst I was full time Hairdressing my nails never grew! (so sad) So I needed up with acrylics and Gels over the top. Now this is a more natural approach and hopefully I will start to have stronger nails!

And the few goodies from work..

Almond Milk, this cream is perfect for after baths in the evening. Leaves the skin so smooth and soft and it has a lovely smell to it. This is meant to tighten and firm the skin back up so perfect for the cellulite around the bum! 

Brightening water. this is perfect for after cleansing. All a toner does is simply restore the normal Ph balance in the skin therefore makes the skin prepared for moisturiser and then makeup. It has daisy extract in so it smells very fresh, Something I would use in the morning and if you apply on the cotton wool it seems to get any cleanser or excess makeup of the skin. 

Repair shampoo and conditioner, This is for very dry and damaged hair it is so nourishing, and full of oils that work deep in the cuticle to repair the hair inside out. 

These little bits I did end up giving to Mum, so I cant really give a review! But I would love to read one if you have done a review!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

doh for donuts


Yep, Not spending any money did not last long. I went shopping, All for good reason I start my new job tomorrow! So went to get a few things I needed from town today and came across this Cute bag from H&M. I don't know if this is made to be a make up bag, But more of a pencil case. I however love using it as a make up bag. This is only £1.99  and is new in store so there is a lot of stock! 

I don't actually own many funky bright items, So this for me is something new to try. Plus the donuts remind me of the Simpsons, and I do like that! This is more of a FUN item to have and most likely the cheapest make up bag I have ever purchased in my life. I am trying to save money after all, right?  I will keep telling myself that. 

You can fit a lot of items in this bag, and it has a very secure zip. If you would like to see more designs and maybe purchase one click below. 


Monday, 22 September 2014


The post title give it away, huh!

I moved! Yay!! 

It's a little more of a commute to Cheltenham, But a much bigger house with a beautiful garden right around the corner from such good shops, The best thing about moving is doing up the bedrooms. 
I don't have a style, I like things I like. 

Here are a few snaps of my room

My room is no where near finished, I want to ditch that horrible old fashioned wallpaper, and find a new duvet set. And of course new cushions when I first moved out on my own I was literally cushion hunting and ended up buying more cushions than one persons needs. But some of them where so pretty I could no resist.  

 I got the little boat from an awesome shop called Vinegar Hill in Cheltenham, You need to shop here seriously, Its full of vintage little cute finds for your home. This little boat reminded me where I grew up in Torquay so I had to buy it! the big lantern is from BnQ, I do like to put a candle in there. Really adds some mood in to the room. 

Some of my cushions, The smaller ones are from Dunelm Mill. The flower one is a favourite from home base. So are the plain ones. 

The lamp is another Dunelm Mill find which was about 19.99 I ended up buying two to go on each bedside table. I like the whole look and the boxes are from Homebase at £7.00 each I always keep my photos and little memories here of places I have visited. 

My dressing table, Very cluttered but thats the way I like it.  I also have this great little stand from Habitat where I keep my perfumes. 

Glass bowls where I keep both my hair brushes and make up brushes. 

What do you think of it?



 L'Occitane Gel Douche - SHOWER GEL 

BIG NEWS, I have a new job at L'Occitane, Super excited right!! Yes! Beauty and me go pretty much hand in hand. So I am thrilled beyond well anything. I was having a down day but now since the call I am cheered up!

Anyway, I was in the Cheltenham store about to have my interview and too the left of me was this lovely table full of all these lovely shower gels. P.s Walk into any L'Occitane store near you. Smells like heaven. 
Back to the shower gels, I just love the packaging for me it has a retro/vintage vibe to it, and dun dun dunnn THEY HAVE A SALE. 

Sale. I just love that word, Gimme a 20 something that doesn't. 

They are currently on a three for two offer or £9.00 each. They come in many different scents, Peach, Olive, Rosemary, Honey and Lemon. I picked the Lemon, Peach and olive. My favourite being Lemon, It is so hard to find a lemon shower gel without it smelling like cleaning products. This one does not and it my favourite out the three. 

These little beautiful squares of shower gel are made to stack on top of each other
and for your money you get a lot of product. 

It adds a splash of colour, to a bathroom that needs a little pick me up! 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Natural Glow - PALETTE by BARRY M 

 Oh, I brought something (hides) all my blog posts seem to be about pallets lately. So last week I was just stumbling around Boots and came across the make up stands and then found this little treasure. Such beautiful autumnal shades and for a small price of £6.49 It is such a good value. I could not put it back on the shelf. I have so many Barry M nail polishes that are just brilliant, and hardly any Barry M make up I thought I ought to start giving it a go.

The packaging is very pretty, simple and modern with a ample size mirror as you open the pallet. All the colours are so perfect for autumn which I just love. However all very subtle, you have to use a lot of the shadow to get a darker more intense shade, So therefore I am still trying to figure out if it is good for under £7.00 but I guess you do get the six shades and the very pastel pink blush. 
I have sampled the shades below for you all to see, There are two other pallets in this range. One with just pink tones called Summer tones and another with black and greys called smoking hot. I recommend you all go out and buy these! 




I received a Rimmel Glam eyes palette about a month ago and I was going to write about it. But one thing lead to another and basically I put this away and only just remembered it once I had moved. This palette retails at £6.99 in boots and contains 4 colours. You have a highlighter, a very dark pink, a light blue and a beautiful dark blue. 

This items also comes with a double ended applicator. I hate these little applicators, I am so set in my ways with using an eyeshadow brush but I will give anything a try.The great thing about this item is that on the back they have instructions on how to create the perfect eye. With what shadow goes in to what bit of the eye e.g. under the brow or crease of the eye.

Now these colours are very pigmented, they do recommend on the website if you want more of a dramatic effect to use with water. However if you wear it normally it lasts up to ten hours! and all of them are a beautiful shimmery effect. 

My favourite the pink in the middle, added with some highlighter under the brow

There is only one downside to this product and that is the packaging. Who ever invented this case and layout of the shadows didn't take into consideration the fact when you're trying to use the applicator and get some of the highlighter on the brush it then runs into the other colours. Boooo I hear you say. Yes, So the palette looks very messy very quickly. But overall for the Rimmel a great product! I wouldn't be spending the £6.99 for this thou!

Have you used this before? Reviews please!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My top THREE cleansers

My top three facial cleansers 

Now everyones skin is different, for starters you could have oily, dry, spot prone or sensitive, the list goes on and on. 
Mine is super sensitive. My mum always said I had a english rose complexion. Very lucky naturally rosy cheeks with freckles and very clear skin. However in the summer it does get dry because of the heat around the t-zone area on my face. Which could be a problem, I cant go putting anything oily on it. 

So I have picked three products that really suit my skin and work well to give me my glowing complexion. 

1. Clinique Rinse-off foaming cleanser £17.00 johnlewis.com

Packaging and size    - Size is very handy which makes it good for travelling. The packaging itself is very soft, With a click open lid. (No spills) 8/10
Redness  Hardly any with this product 1/10
Softness  9/10 
Price     5/10 Arg! Please be cheaper

This comes out in a white cream base, Mix in with warm water turns into a lovely soapy texture. A small bit goes a long way, So I guess in that aspect it is worth the money. This one doesn't have any smell to it, So perfect to use when you are taking off all your makeup in the evenings before bed. 


2.  Sothys delicious scrub  

Packaging and size    -Again perfect for travelling. The edges however are really sharp. 
Redness  5/10 expected with a scrub really
Softness  10/10
Price     To get the full size it is £45.00 which for a small tub is very pricey. 
Smell  This contains ginger and nutmeg so it is a very christmassy smell, which I love. 

So it comes out in an orangery beady gel form, It is a little painful to put on your face due to the hard little beads but you know with a full face of make up, this bad boy will get all of it off. After rinsing off, the face is soft straight away which is a bonus.


3.Dermalogica Clean Start cleanser 

Packaging and size   This is the smallest of the three, Therefore fits practically any where.  6/10
Redness  1/10 No redness!
Softness  10/10
Price     This was a *Freebie! But worth every penny if I was to buy it! 10/10
Smell   Very pretty smell, cant quite explain what it is..  9/10

I had been a huge fan of Dermalogica for about seven years since I worked in a salon in norwich, And I love, Love LOVEEE the stuff. Even better when the item is free (hehe) We all think that. But seriously I have forked out quite a bit for their products. This product in particular I would recommend to use in the morning, It comes out in a clear, smooth gel.This is the most replenishing cleanser as it doubles as a moisturiser. Perfect for the summer months when the sun dries out your skin!!


I recommend you try all these, Tell me what you think!


Charlie Blossom Vintage


Vintage bespoke handmade jewellery

I have this huge love for jewellery, especially one off pieces that no one else has. That is what I love about this place. She does such cute, kitsy designs. Anything from teapots pendants, to dinosaur earrings.  

So I met with lovely Charlotte who designs vintage jewellery , to see what other treasures she had!

These are just gorgeous, all pastel colours, which I just love and all expandable. 

Some of my favourites that I found. 


How pretty are these! They are so light as well, you can barely feel them on. 

£2.50 for the pendant and £2.50 earrings 

And from her NEW stock - T-rex earrings! I loved these! 

Another great thing you can so much love and attention to detail has gone into every single one of her items, which is so rare to find nowadays.


All the items here start from £2.50 and go up!


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