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Friday, 26 September 2014


L'Occitane Beauty Goodies

Who's a busy Lauren! Been so busy this last week with starting a new job and everything. Which let me tell you is scary and exciting all at the same time. So today was pay day and I got a couple little goodies from work, Including the most amazing hand cream and a new product for nail and cuticle called cuticle cream which is just amazing!!

It was also my second day at work on thursday, so we had a management meeting. It was so nice to meet all the other girls and to have RosĂȘ wine and percy pigs which was a lovely treat! I got given a lovely treat bag too as a welcome to the team which was super lovely! Full of products.We headed off to Copa afterwards for some Prosecco (yum) then to Bills in Cheltenham for food. Bills is a chain restaurant but if you haven't been it is a must! They sat us at this beautiful round table with the most incredible chandelier, which would make a lovely restaurant for a date..If only.

So the Goodies I brought 

Shea Butter Hand Cream 

This is my favourite product out the lot, It is mainly for dry and sensitive skin but can be used on every skin type. I put this on throughout the day to keep my hands felling and smelling gorgeous. This doesn't leave you broke either. A huge tube like this is only £19.00 and the travel size is £8.00, Works out better if you buy the big one! 5/5

Shea Butter Cuticle Cream 

This is a new product to me and for £12.00 its a little miracle worker. Whilst I was full time Hairdressing my nails never grew! (so sad) So I needed up with acrylics and Gels over the top. Now this is a more natural approach and hopefully I will start to have stronger nails!

And the few goodies from work..

Almond Milk, this cream is perfect for after baths in the evening. Leaves the skin so smooth and soft and it has a lovely smell to it. This is meant to tighten and firm the skin back up so perfect for the cellulite around the bum! 

Brightening water. this is perfect for after cleansing. All a toner does is simply restore the normal Ph balance in the skin therefore makes the skin prepared for moisturiser and then makeup. It has daisy extract in so it smells very fresh, Something I would use in the morning and if you apply on the cotton wool it seems to get any cleanser or excess makeup of the skin. 

Repair shampoo and conditioner, This is for very dry and damaged hair it is so nourishing, and full of oils that work deep in the cuticle to repair the hair inside out. 

These little bits I did end up giving to Mum, so I cant really give a review! But I would love to read one if you have done a review!


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