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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My top THREE cleansers

My top three facial cleansers 

Now everyones skin is different, for starters you could have oily, dry, spot prone or sensitive, the list goes on and on. 
Mine is super sensitive. My mum always said I had a english rose complexion. Very lucky naturally rosy cheeks with freckles and very clear skin. However in the summer it does get dry because of the heat around the t-zone area on my face. Which could be a problem, I cant go putting anything oily on it. 

So I have picked three products that really suit my skin and work well to give me my glowing complexion. 

1. Clinique Rinse-off foaming cleanser £17.00 johnlewis.com

Packaging and size    - Size is very handy which makes it good for travelling. The packaging itself is very soft, With a click open lid. (No spills) 8/10
Redness  Hardly any with this product 1/10
Softness  9/10 
Price     5/10 Arg! Please be cheaper

This comes out in a white cream base, Mix in with warm water turns into a lovely soapy texture. A small bit goes a long way, So I guess in that aspect it is worth the money. This one doesn't have any smell to it, So perfect to use when you are taking off all your makeup in the evenings before bed. 


2.  Sothys delicious scrub  

Packaging and size    -Again perfect for travelling. The edges however are really sharp. 
Redness  5/10 expected with a scrub really
Softness  10/10
Price     To get the full size it is £45.00 which for a small tub is very pricey. 
Smell  This contains ginger and nutmeg so it is a very christmassy smell, which I love. 

So it comes out in an orangery beady gel form, It is a little painful to put on your face due to the hard little beads but you know with a full face of make up, this bad boy will get all of it off. After rinsing off, the face is soft straight away which is a bonus.


3.Dermalogica Clean Start cleanser 

Packaging and size   This is the smallest of the three, Therefore fits practically any where.  6/10
Redness  1/10 No redness!
Softness  10/10
Price     This was a *Freebie! But worth every penny if I was to buy it! 10/10
Smell   Very pretty smell, cant quite explain what it is..  9/10

I had been a huge fan of Dermalogica for about seven years since I worked in a salon in norwich, And I love, Love LOVEEE the stuff. Even better when the item is free (hehe) We all think that. But seriously I have forked out quite a bit for their products. This product in particular I would recommend to use in the morning, It comes out in a clear, smooth gel.This is the most replenishing cleanser as it doubles as a moisturiser. Perfect for the summer months when the sun dries out your skin!!


I recommend you try all these, Tell me what you think!



  1. great in depth reviews, I recently got that clinique cleanser and I love it! I have really dry skin so its perfect for me. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Thanks for the comment, Of course I will! x


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