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Sunday, 21 September 2014



I received a Rimmel Glam eyes palette about a month ago and I was going to write about it. But one thing lead to another and basically I put this away and only just remembered it once I had moved. This palette retails at £6.99 in boots and contains 4 colours. You have a highlighter, a very dark pink, a light blue and a beautiful dark blue. 

This items also comes with a double ended applicator. I hate these little applicators, I am so set in my ways with using an eyeshadow brush but I will give anything a try.The great thing about this item is that on the back they have instructions on how to create the perfect eye. With what shadow goes in to what bit of the eye e.g. under the brow or crease of the eye.

Now these colours are very pigmented, they do recommend on the website if you want more of a dramatic effect to use with water. However if you wear it normally it lasts up to ten hours! and all of them are a beautiful shimmery effect. 

My favourite the pink in the middle, added with some highlighter under the brow

There is only one downside to this product and that is the packaging. Who ever invented this case and layout of the shadows didn't take into consideration the fact when you're trying to use the applicator and get some of the highlighter on the brush it then runs into the other colours. Boooo I hear you say. Yes, So the palette looks very messy very quickly. But overall for the Rimmel a great product! I wouldn't be spending the £6.99 for this thou!

Have you used this before? Reviews please!

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