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Monday, 22 September 2014


The post title give it away, huh!

I moved! Yay!! 

It's a little more of a commute to Cheltenham, But a much bigger house with a beautiful garden right around the corner from such good shops, The best thing about moving is doing up the bedrooms. 
I don't have a style, I like things I like. 

Here are a few snaps of my room

My room is no where near finished, I want to ditch that horrible old fashioned wallpaper, and find a new duvet set. And of course new cushions when I first moved out on my own I was literally cushion hunting and ended up buying more cushions than one persons needs. But some of them where so pretty I could no resist.  

 I got the little boat from an awesome shop called Vinegar Hill in Cheltenham, You need to shop here seriously, Its full of vintage little cute finds for your home. This little boat reminded me where I grew up in Torquay so I had to buy it! the big lantern is from BnQ, I do like to put a candle in there. Really adds some mood in to the room. 

Some of my cushions, The smaller ones are from Dunelm Mill. The flower one is a favourite from home base. So are the plain ones. 

The lamp is another Dunelm Mill find which was about 19.99 I ended up buying two to go on each bedside table. I like the whole look and the boxes are from Homebase at £7.00 each I always keep my photos and little memories here of places I have visited. 

My dressing table, Very cluttered but thats the way I like it.  I also have this great little stand from Habitat where I keep my perfumes. 

Glass bowls where I keep both my hair brushes and make up brushes. 

What do you think of it?



  1. I love your room! It looks so cosy and homely to say you have just moved! That habitat stand is such a good idea though!

    lauren xo

  2. You're room looks so beautiful. Very pretty.

    Xx Anne


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