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Monday, 22 September 2014


 L'Occitane Gel Douche - SHOWER GEL 

BIG NEWS, I have a new job at L'Occitane, Super excited right!! Yes! Beauty and me go pretty much hand in hand. So I am thrilled beyond well anything. I was having a down day but now since the call I am cheered up!

Anyway, I was in the Cheltenham store about to have my interview and too the left of me was this lovely table full of all these lovely shower gels. P.s Walk into any L'Occitane store near you. Smells like heaven. 
Back to the shower gels, I just love the packaging for me it has a retro/vintage vibe to it, and dun dun dunnn THEY HAVE A SALE. 

Sale. I just love that word, Gimme a 20 something that doesn't. 

They are currently on a three for two offer or £9.00 each. They come in many different scents, Peach, Olive, Rosemary, Honey and Lemon. I picked the Lemon, Peach and olive. My favourite being Lemon, It is so hard to find a lemon shower gel without it smelling like cleaning products. This one does not and it my favourite out the three. 

These little beautiful squares of shower gel are made to stack on top of each other
and for your money you get a lot of product. 

It adds a splash of colour, to a bathroom that needs a little pick me up! 

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