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Saturday, 27 September 2014



I never post about fashion, Actually come to think of it, I think I have blogged about this once before. I love fashion, I love putting outfits together and playing with clothes. However I think because I am still insecure with myself, I tend to play the safe card a lot. 
However with work I have to wear smart, all black and hair tied back So on my days off I do tend to wear brighter clothes just so I don't constantly feel like I am going to a dam funereal.

I went into New Look in Cheltenham, which FYI. CRAP customer service, I basically got insulted by a member of staff, Saying for my size I should shop only in plus size stores..

Hold on…..  *****

So with that current mood, I picked up what I wanted and was out the door. 

I got this beautiful long oversized boyfriend jacket/coat, Which I love it is so stylish!!
And I think its perfect for when you're cold you can wrap it around you. It adds a little more ZING to the constant line of black dresses I own. 

Newlook for only £29.99 New in.

I also got this lovely dress from H&M, Its slightly fitted around the bust and fits so comfortable, Its so hard to find a plain smart dress where it's actually stylish and fashionable. As normal however H&M never fail!

H&M Black Dress £16.99

H&M Tights £7.99

I also wore a chain and bead necklace from New Look, I don't know why I happen to shop here so much! That was £5.99



  1. Cute outfit! Love the coat!


  2. I adore your coat and what a great price for it too!

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. Hi Lauren! I've tagged you in the TMI tag! go check it and i hope your join in :) xx



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