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Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Staff party for us girls at L'occitane


I know I have been a bit slow with the last few posts, but to sum it up christmas is almost over so I am simply doing a blog post catch up. Few days ago the staff at the shop and myself went out for drinks and dinner , the night ended around 11.30pm due to the fact I managed to fall down the stairs…silly me.

We ended up booking this amazing place called Crazy8's in cheltenham, Also known as No131. It is a very posh place but its gorgeous, beautiful decorated very sophisticated. Perfect for a date…hint hint…

To go to their website click here 

Lets start off with the food..

So good, I can not fault the food.

Starter a salmon and Wasbi dish, Just gorgeous like melt in the mouth food. 

 Mains - Roast and Co

Just how sophisticated is that, People who put chestnuts with a roast, they are my kind of people. Best turkey ever, I have to go for lunch here seriously! 

Dinner - Chocolate orange, Another gorgeous plate of food. Just look no explanations needed!

The girls 

Me and Hannah

Outfit wise, I had about ten minutes to get ready, It involved one of the girls doing my eyes, Perks of having staff who are MUA! And I managed to shove curling tong through my hair, Slap on the dress and tights and the shoes. Quickest time I have ever gotten dressed to go out. I loved my sparkly dress from NewLook!

A lovely black and grey clutch, and gorgeous black sparkly heels, Wish I had taken pictures!

We had a few cocktails here, they are pricey at around £10.00 each. Does work out costly if you like your drinks. We then headed off to Lillygins cocktail bar for a couple more.
So apart from me falling down the stairs, a good night was had!


Monday, 15 December 2014


No7 Christmas Blogmas!

I have been awol lately this week, I have been so ill, like it hurts to move ill. So I have gotten in a habit of working then coming back home sleeping and doing the same thing day in and day out for 8 days. I do feel well enough to finally look at a screen and blog today. Thats an improvement! 

So catching up with my No7 Avent calendar I have gotten the following ;

No7 Protect and perfect Night Cream 
No7 Beautiful Skin - exfoliator 
No7 Eyeshadow 

 No7 Eyeshadow  - Shade unknown 

This little one retails at £7.00 for full size. I think this is shade - thunder, It doesn't say on the pot itself. 

I cant say much about this, In the advent calendar it is a very small size like crazy small. Pigmentation is not brilliant, you really have to use a lot to actually look like you have an eyeshadow on. Also means not worth the money when you compare it to a MAC pallet filler eye shadow for £10.00 at MAC. Colour wise it is a silvery greyish shade with a very slight, and I mean slight shimmer. I am disappointed with this as compared to all my beauty products I buy more eye shadows than anything. I would not purchase again, But I am willing to try another shade, Just might be that this is too subtle.  I rate 5/10


This full size retails at a mere £8.50.

This is a beautiful creamy product that has little pink granules in, so girly! A exfoliator made to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells and make up, They do say to use this twice a week to be effective. 

I really liked this product, Yes I think in total I am about 50/50 with the products I am trying here. This is a beautiful product, easily to apply on the face, you wipe it off and your face is brightened and refreshed. 

I think I am going to purchase this for myself, My face isn't red which exfoliators normally make it so straight off you can see this is so kind and gentle to the skin.


No7 Night Protect Cream 

Now, If I didn't have my Imortelle precious cream, I would be all over this. It comes in a snazzy container too not like the one shown this one it more of a tub. This is a cream which is made for young skin and is meant to be a cream that prevents anti ageing and fine lines. That sounds good at me, the sooner you start caring about these things the longer you can prevent it. So from the age of 22m I am comfortable to say I do use anti ageing, the same as cleansing and toning. It is all about looking after your skin. 

So lovely thick cream which absorbs into the skin nicely and has a really pleasant smell to it. 
Price wise you're looking at £23.50 

For someone who is in their twenties and is a beginner with moisturisers this is one for you! 


Saturday, 6 December 2014



Any fashion blogger will notice the newest winter trend that is capes and no not the superhero kind. Every high street shop is selling them. I just love them it looks really chic and stylish, Yet feels like you are walking around with a blanket so it gets colder you can wrap it around yourself a little more. 

I think capes and tartan are just overall a very good look! What is not more wintery then tartan. 
I brought this gorgeous one from River Island couple weeks ago for a mere price of £35.00, It was the last one in store so I had to snap it up! 

And very sad to say ladies, but this one is now out of stock! ( big sad face) 

But if you want to have a shop and a look, click on the links below the pictures. 

Day 5-6 of my No7 BLOGMAS

Day 5 - 6 of my No7 Blogmas

Less than twenty days to go now until christmas day, I am so excited! We have a lot of family around my mums this year I think its about 15 people in total. A lot of mouths to feed and a lot of children around, and that just makes it more magical.
 So I am on to day five and six now, I have found some amazing products which I will purchase again and others not so much. This is a great induction to any range if you are unsure about them and some are travel size others are full size.  
So hope you are all enjoying the reviews so far, I know a few of you are mentioning to me about not linking to the actual item on the website, So from now on I will be linking. 

highland mist

December 5th

No7 Stay Perfect Nail colour

Things are getting exciting now, I opened my calendar yesterday to find a lovely nail varnish. A beige which is ok, you know with No7 playing safe with their shades and everything. It is more  of an autumnal shade then winter shade but my mum loves colours like this, So this is one for her. 

The varnish itself is a cute size and really easy to apply on the nail. Even better then the ciate Nail varnishes, another good thing is the pigmentation its a really good colour. Over all I would purchase this again if it was a different shade. 


December 6th

Lash Impact Mascara £13.50

Absolutely amazing mascara, I would compare this one with elizabeth arden mascara which is priced at  almost double compared to this. It gives you a no clumps, separated lash look. Which makes it look like your wearing false eyelashes without going through the trouble of putting them on. I got the travel sized one, which is so so pretty its all red and sparkly. A very christmassy mascara! 

This itself would make a lovely gift and when I get paid I'm going to have to buy it!

To purchase click here!

Lauren x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 2 - 4 BLOGMAS

Day 3- 4 No7 christmas BLOGMAS 

Another day another post, Ah almost. Its day three of my advent calendar and let me tell you things are getting exciting. 

December 3rd 

No7 eyeshadow brush - £7.25 

I can erm and ar about this all day, I think I like it, It  makes it easy to apply loose eyeshadow, but doesn't blend that well as my other eyeshadow brushes. Doesn't mean it isn't good, I just  have others that are better. This however is a good travel size eyeshadow brush with is easy to pop in the make up bag if your in a rush. The bristles make it hard to apply very light colour, but it your going for the darker shade or even to use with concealer this is perfect for you. 

Overall, I would purchase again. 8/10 

December 4th 

Youthful Eye Serum    £19.50 for 15ml

This is a good priced product compared to other high end brands I have used. I am lazy when it comes to my beauty routine, I just cleanse, tone then moisturise I never use eye serum!! It is hard to review this given you are meant to wait four weeks to see an effect, It is meant to reduce puffiness, dark circles and any wrinkles. 

This is a short review, I tried it overnight but I cant wait for weeks to do this review. It smells nice but seems yet again a little pointless unless you have wrinkles or dark circles I however am blessed with none! 


DAY 1 - 2 No7 Christmas BLOGMAS


It is that exciting time of the year where we sit on our beds and open our calendars, whether that be chocolate, beauty or candles. Well as a couple of posts before this states I was lucky enough to get a No7 calendar whoop!. So throughout this exciting months, I will post festive and exciting posts about these lovely products.

December 1st.

No7 - Skin Illuminator 
Radiance Boosting Fluid

This is such a hard product to review, Some parts of the product I just love other parts not so much.
I love that it is all shimmery and very silky so absolutely gorgeous to apply on to a cleansed face, As it just makes you have this amazing healthy glow. Which let me tell you I NEVER have. Under foundation this works a treat too, almost as a primer for the makeup. It seems to brighten around the eye area. What I didn't like,  I don't think this is a product you would actually need.

Before application of the product 

And after! See the difference..


I do like this product however I wouldn't need this product everyday. I think if I did purchase the full size at £11.00 I wouldn't actually use it. 


December 2nd 

No7 High shine Lip Crayon

I love love love this, I wish they where a little braver and did other shades and I feel like they played the safe card a little bit. I hope the whole calendar isn't like this! It is lovely to apply, and leaves lips so soft.

It is the cutest size, I actually prefer this to the smash box lipgloss, its shiny it smells lovely and doesn't have that fake plastic taste when you apply it straight to the lips. 

This itself is a pretty shade it is a slight shade darker what my lips are now, But love the shiny look it gives them. 

Overall, I am actually going to purchase another one because I really like this!!

8/10 :) 

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Smashbox - LIPGLOSS 24/7

SMASHBOX - lipgloss 

shade 24/7

I have never used smash box cosmetics, I always stick with either MAC or Bobbi brown.  But every time I walk past the cosmetics stand in Boots I always see some very pretty eyeshadows and blusher. Now I am a women of sense. I won't spend lots and lots on a brand if I don't like it or I have never used it before. What's the point in that. So on Friday I was in a rush and noticed they have a sale section! 

Did you guys know they had sales?

And they had in a pot five gorgeous lip glosses, I did have too favourites however I love a plum colour for the winter! 

I am always more of a lipstick more than lipgloss due to the fact hair and lipgloss is a disaster waiting to happen, with long hair and wind it becomes sticky and rather messy. 

The lipgloss itself is usually £16.00, On sale I purchased it at a mere £8.00 
The lipgloss had a sloped applicator wand which makes it a lot easier to apply, And Actually comes in a better case then Bobbie brown, which is impressive in my books. I am one of these people who like quality products that look good too. 

The colour itself is really pretty, not as dark as I would like but you sure have that purple plummy colour. the lipgloss too lasts for absolutely hours. Has anyone got a darker shade in Smashbox? 

Also if you have noticed my christmas tree, I put it up few days ago! Getting all festive quite early! 


Smashbox lipgloss - 8/10

Overall really nice, good price and size just wished the shade was at dark as it looks on the outside! 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Some recent and very exciting buys...

Recent buys of mine! 

I haven't been buying a lot, and that is mostly because of a very expensive purchase of mine!
I brought a MINI…. EEEk

yes, faints from too much excitment, So bloggers meet my mini called Marvin!
I have wanted one of these little buggers for about four years ever since I got my first car which was this cute snazzy little black KA. However first cars are not meant to be pretty especially if you are as accident prone as me, and before you know it ! Goodbye little KA. After that whole fiasco I moved to Cheltenham where there was not a need for a car, so two years away from driving I have decided now is a good time. 
So yes, behold my new pride and joy, He is a lovely blue and white car with white rims and white top. I can understand why men start to love their cars more than their wives. 

So yes, Lovely stylish car for me, which is lovely to drive too…

Brightening exfoliator 

A lovely little thing from work, it is actually 75ml and I think I am right to believe you can no longer purchase this, even online. Huge sad face!

This is a lovely exfoliator for very dull looking skin, For those who work those long hours, and get home and just need to wash off the day! 

Ultra RICH face scrub

Yet another little L'Occitane favourite, Especially in this horrible weather and we tend to shove the heating up at home our skin suffers. So this little products contains Shea Butter, which is so kind and gentle to the skin. So It has this comforting soft soap smell. This is about £19.00

Clinique  - Hydrating gel

Emerald and diamond earings 

I NEVER buy green jewellery, It is this stupid little rule that doesn't seem to shake ever since I had red hair for all those years. I find anything green and red clashes big time. However this christmas I am brunette so I am sure I can pull off the green tend. 
These are super cute, little hoops that hook around the ear and have a clutch on the back. They are the perfect size too, and the earrings themselves have this amazing green to them. So clear and really makes a statement with the hair up. 

Have you brought any thing recently..


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