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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 2 - 4 BLOGMAS

Day 3- 4 No7 christmas BLOGMAS 

Another day another post, Ah almost. Its day three of my advent calendar and let me tell you things are getting exciting. 

December 3rd 

No7 eyeshadow brush - £7.25 

I can erm and ar about this all day, I think I like it, It  makes it easy to apply loose eyeshadow, but doesn't blend that well as my other eyeshadow brushes. Doesn't mean it isn't good, I just  have others that are better. This however is a good travel size eyeshadow brush with is easy to pop in the make up bag if your in a rush. The bristles make it hard to apply very light colour, but it your going for the darker shade or even to use with concealer this is perfect for you. 

Overall, I would purchase again. 8/10 

December 4th 

Youthful Eye Serum    £19.50 for 15ml

This is a good priced product compared to other high end brands I have used. I am lazy when it comes to my beauty routine, I just cleanse, tone then moisturise I never use eye serum!! It is hard to review this given you are meant to wait four weeks to see an effect, It is meant to reduce puffiness, dark circles and any wrinkles. 

This is a short review, I tried it overnight but I cant wait for weeks to do this review. It smells nice but seems yet again a little pointless unless you have wrinkles or dark circles I however am blessed with none! 


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