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Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Staff party for us girls at L'occitane


I know I have been a bit slow with the last few posts, but to sum it up christmas is almost over so I am simply doing a blog post catch up. Few days ago the staff at the shop and myself went out for drinks and dinner , the night ended around 11.30pm due to the fact I managed to fall down the stairs…silly me.

We ended up booking this amazing place called Crazy8's in cheltenham, Also known as No131. It is a very posh place but its gorgeous, beautiful decorated very sophisticated. Perfect for a date…hint hint…

To go to their website click here 

Lets start off with the food..

So good, I can not fault the food.

Starter a salmon and Wasbi dish, Just gorgeous like melt in the mouth food. 

 Mains - Roast and Co

Just how sophisticated is that, People who put chestnuts with a roast, they are my kind of people. Best turkey ever, I have to go for lunch here seriously! 

Dinner - Chocolate orange, Another gorgeous plate of food. Just look no explanations needed!

The girls 

Me and Hannah

Outfit wise, I had about ten minutes to get ready, It involved one of the girls doing my eyes, Perks of having staff who are MUA! And I managed to shove curling tong through my hair, Slap on the dress and tights and the shoes. Quickest time I have ever gotten dressed to go out. I loved my sparkly dress from NewLook!

A lovely black and grey clutch, and gorgeous black sparkly heels, Wish I had taken pictures!

We had a few cocktails here, they are pricey at around £10.00 each. Does work out costly if you like your drinks. We then headed off to Lillygins cocktail bar for a couple more.
So apart from me falling down the stairs, a good night was had!


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  1. That food looks so yummy! Great photos!



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