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Friday, 2 January 2015

Late Christmas Post! WHAT I GOT!


So christmas has now been and gone and it is officially done for another year..Phew now your bank cards can relax and we give them a break. Well until the sales hehe. I hope all of you lovely people really had a special christmas and an amazing new years.

Pre christmas was exciting, I met my friend the night before christmas eve, once I had got of work for a few drinks at a bar called Revolution Vodka in cheltenham. All whilst wearing the christmas jumpers of course! 

Me and bec


Wild turkey - yum! 

Christmas EVE 

This was the first christmas eve I didn't have to work since I left school over six years ago. Hooray you might think I would of been glad. However a little at a loss with what to do with myself. I browsed around a few of the shops brought some late presents. It wasn't all gloom and doom christmas eve got a little better towards the end with pizza few drinks and cards against humanity. 

Shrek on christmas eve!

Christmas eve nails!


I know this is a drag of a post, however christmas was exciting and I was spoilt it was an exciting day. We had a lot of the family round including all my sisters and their little ones all totalled up to about 14 people. Which meant we had to turn the games room into a huge dining room so make everyone fit. It was a crazy day in our household but our family is crazy so it is about right. 

Here are some snaps from the day 

Me and my stepbro!

Pregnant jess and Rion

Hetti getting all festive

Me and Mia

Ellis and Rueben

and the most exciting bit…What I got

Some super cute reindeer shorts

Lovely new perfume from my friend!

Michael Kors purse, River island bag 

Mulberry phone case  I love!

Mac eyeshadow !

Some adorable jewellery from my talented friend Charl!

This so handy filofax, my very first one! 

Lipsticks and cute little frame 

Fawn ring holder 

Random little bits!


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  1. Wow you certainly were spoilt! That Michael Kors purse is stunning! Lovely post, it looks like you had a lovely family Christmas :) x



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