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Tuesday, 6 January 2015



Smashbox Cosmetics 

So I got this lovely gift set from smash box cosmetics, It is the perfect little set to buy if you have never used this brand of cosmetics. Price range it is fantastic as you do get two full sized products that are both worth £35! Saving money too. It is worth going over to the website and having a look around, And if you're interested you can buy these products at many BOOTS stores around the UK.

It contains the following;

- Its a wrap waterproof make up remover ( Travel size 125 ml)
- Full exposure mascara (Full size)
- Always sharp eyeliner (Full size)

Smash box 
Its a wrap eye make up remover £16.50 for 125 ml 

I love the look of smash box cosmetics, It is all very modern. However this item is a pain. It is one of those push down and screw tops. Which makes me feel uneasy, I did have to go London to see the fella, and contemplated in bringing this.I thought  this would spill everywhere as the lid doesn't fully shut. Worrying, So I ended up taking my cleansing milk. It is an oily base which makes it very kind to the skin and gentle. When using just ordinary make up remove aways be cautious when taking off eyeliner etc. With re-purchasing I would buy this again! It is fantastic at getting off really stubborn waterproof eyeliner. 

Full exposure mascara full size £19.00

This one is a good mascara, not brilliant. I would say it is a little better than my No7 mascara. It separates the lashes and gives them extra volume which is what they are made to do. I do like this mascara but I feel like for £19.00 I could easily purchase a just as good mascara for around £10.00. I might purchase this again if it was slightly cheaper.  


My favourite, The colour is gorgeous. It lasts and really does create a beautiful flick. I am slowly replacing my liquid eyeliner with this one, Yes it is that good. This one is worth the £16.00 and I might actually buy this eyeliner but in different colours. It has this awesome twist lid so the lid doesn't end up falling out in my make up bag. Wins points with me. 

Overall, The products are good. I like using the eye remover just have to keep that one on the dressing table. The eyeliner is one of my favourites..maybe better than MAC dare I say it. Mascara is okay does the job. I would say this is about 8/10 simply because I LOVE the eyeliner. 


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