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Monday, 19 January 2015

Herbal Essences dry shampoos - REVIEW

   Herbal Essences DRY SHAMPOO

How is everyone enjoying the cold, BRRR I for one can not wait until spring. When it starts getting darker at 8pm and a title hotter..those are the days! I was browsing Tescos as you do and came across these! I for one did not know that Herbal Essences did dry shampoos, I have however tried the majority of supermarket brands such as vo5 and Batiste dry shampoo, So I thought 'I know, I will buy three and review them for you guys' as you do, some of the like the Clearly Naked, I would say buy however the colour ignite I would not recommend. 

So I picked three of them, Clearly Naked dry shampoo, the uplifting volume one and a colour one.

The clearly Naked one


This one contains no badies! by that I mean 0% parabens and 0% colourants so there is so added nastys.
It has this super mint fresh smell with a little citrus, Very refreshing and probably my favourite smell out of the three. A great thing is about this product is that it doesn't leave a white dust look one my hair, I am currently dark brunette but no one likes the baby powder look on top of their hair so glad this does not do that.

I personally love the look of this one, It looks expensive and overall a good purchase, which I would happily buy again. 

Ignite my colour one 

It you like sweet floral fragrance this one is for you. A very pretty feminine looking can, which is appealing to the eye. Now this one is all about enhancing the colour and of course being a dry shampoo. However all it seems to do is give the hair an extra shine which then gives an appearance of having a richer colour, I see what you did there herbal essence. Don't get me wrong still fantastic as a dry shampoo if you wash our hair every other day this does more refreshing but gives a lovely sheen.

If you are after a quick fix in the morning and if your hair is a little dull I would spray all over and brush it out. Might make it a little expensive, it might be easier getting a shine spray!

Volume one

Does it work? Yes, yes yes! As I suffer from very horrible thin hair, I am always looking to get big bouncy locks. Yes, dam you girls with naturally thick hair. This is great! I put my head up side down sprayed right into the roots. Bingo, instant root lifter. 

GO TESCOS 1/2 price on all Herbal Essences dry shampoos. £1.50 each!


The trick with dry shampoos is too not spray too much, I know its hard to find a line where it too little becomes too much. But the moment you go overboard with these kind of products you will be literally weighing the roots down and before you know it your hair now is a lot worse than it started of with, So much so you will just get annoyed to the point you give up and wash your hair. 

Simply spray a little on the roots and using a paddle brush, or any brush that you find and brush out. Simple, this stuff is great if you have really silky soft hair and you cant put it up into a bun or a style. Spray some on the lengths of the hair and there you go, hair that you can make into any style !

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