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Sunday, 11 January 2015



If you are a huge lover off the premium french beauty brand called L'Occitane you will sure love this. On the 15th January this year, 60 stores all around the UK are realising their Shea face range, Which consist of cleansers, toners and face creams. Many items have just been re-fomulated or others completely new such as the cleansing oil. Shea is perfect for the winter, it is nourishing and protecting and perfect for people with dry and sensitive sin. 

Cleansers and Toners 


I am starting it off with a favourite, Cleansing milk containing Shea extract. Perfect to get off make up and dirt off the face and neck. This both softens and cleanses the face leaving it baby soft. You want to simply apply to dry skin and wash with damp cotton pad. Simply as that. Shea has this lovely comforting smell to it which is just heavenly. I will purchase this one for sure. 

NEW Shea Cleansing Oil £17.00

Beautifully packaged as is the whole range, The have gone for a more modern look. I am so happy that all the cleansers and toners have a pump. Less mess, win win. 
This one is new to L'Occitane, Containing both 5% Shea and African baobab oil. So many benefits to african Baobab oil, It protects the skin from high and low temperature, promoting rejuvenation  of the skin.This one balances, cleanses and nourishes. Perfect for stubborn make up and waterproof eye make up. I always recommend if you have greasy skin to always use an oil cleanser, It will balance out the oils. Trust me on that. You simply apply on to dry skin and wash off with warm water, I am personally trying to get my head round if I like this product or not, It is a dry oil, but feels heavy on my skin. So I might use this a couple more times to see whether I like this or not 

Shea gentle toner - RE PACKAGED £15.00

Apply this after using cleansers, It soothes the skin and gets rid of excess make up, This one has orange blossom water which is a beautiful ingredient that and cornflower. This is great to apply with cotton pads if gets rid of excess makeup, cleanser, pollution and restores the skins natural Ph balance which then prepares it for moisturising.  I do like this one however, It again leaves a gorgeous scent and really makes your face feel squeaky skin. 


Like before with the Shea skin care range we have two creams 5% Shea light and 25% Ultra Rich. 

SHEA LIGHT 5% around £26+

A lovely cream, containing Shea extract and Shea oil. this is perfect for hydrating the skin. If you have skin that is sensitive and needs to be protected this winter. This is the one for you, giving up to 48 hour protection. Its a light silky cream that doesn't leave the face greasy. I actually already have the old one of these, but maybe if I run out I will re-purcash. 

 NEW Shea Ultra rich 25% around £28+

They have re-fomulate the old cream, This one is a lot thicker and now containing chestnut perfect for those tough dry areas also works as an anti inflammatry. I will be using this one on the t-zone as I get terrible dry skin there. I would highly recommend this if your skin is lacking hydration and you need to really nourish it. I have used this on other places I get dry skin, It really does hydrate the skin without giving it a heavy feel. 

So overall, It is worth popping into your local L'Occitane store. 

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  1. Hi there Lauren. I love L'Occitane body products but I have yet to try any of their skincare. Hopefully this range will be carried in Malaysia. Looking forward to trying the Gentle Toner and Comfort Cream Light Moisturiser.


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