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Thursday, 4 December 2014

DAY 1 - 2 No7 Christmas BLOGMAS


It is that exciting time of the year where we sit on our beds and open our calendars, whether that be chocolate, beauty or candles. Well as a couple of posts before this states I was lucky enough to get a No7 calendar whoop!. So throughout this exciting months, I will post festive and exciting posts about these lovely products.

December 1st.

No7 - Skin Illuminator 
Radiance Boosting Fluid

This is such a hard product to review, Some parts of the product I just love other parts not so much.
I love that it is all shimmery and very silky so absolutely gorgeous to apply on to a cleansed face, As it just makes you have this amazing healthy glow. Which let me tell you I NEVER have. Under foundation this works a treat too, almost as a primer for the makeup. It seems to brighten around the eye area. What I didn't like,  I don't think this is a product you would actually need.

Before application of the product 

And after! See the difference..


I do like this product however I wouldn't need this product everyday. I think if I did purchase the full size at £11.00 I wouldn't actually use it. 


December 2nd 

No7 High shine Lip Crayon

I love love love this, I wish they where a little braver and did other shades and I feel like they played the safe card a little bit. I hope the whole calendar isn't like this! It is lovely to apply, and leaves lips so soft.

It is the cutest size, I actually prefer this to the smash box lipgloss, its shiny it smells lovely and doesn't have that fake plastic taste when you apply it straight to the lips. 

This itself is a pretty shade it is a slight shade darker what my lips are now, But love the shiny look it gives them. 

Overall, I am actually going to purchase another one because I really like this!!

8/10 :) 

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