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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Smashbox - LIPGLOSS 24/7

SMASHBOX - lipgloss 

shade 24/7

I have never used smash box cosmetics, I always stick with either MAC or Bobbi brown.  But every time I walk past the cosmetics stand in Boots I always see some very pretty eyeshadows and blusher. Now I am a women of sense. I won't spend lots and lots on a brand if I don't like it or I have never used it before. What's the point in that. So on Friday I was in a rush and noticed they have a sale section! 

Did you guys know they had sales?

And they had in a pot five gorgeous lip glosses, I did have too favourites however I love a plum colour for the winter! 

I am always more of a lipstick more than lipgloss due to the fact hair and lipgloss is a disaster waiting to happen, with long hair and wind it becomes sticky and rather messy. 

The lipgloss itself is usually £16.00, On sale I purchased it at a mere £8.00 
The lipgloss had a sloped applicator wand which makes it a lot easier to apply, And Actually comes in a better case then Bobbie brown, which is impressive in my books. I am one of these people who like quality products that look good too. 

The colour itself is really pretty, not as dark as I would like but you sure have that purple plummy colour. the lipgloss too lasts for absolutely hours. Has anyone got a darker shade in Smashbox? 

Also if you have noticed my christmas tree, I put it up few days ago! Getting all festive quite early! 


Smashbox lipgloss - 8/10

Overall really nice, good price and size just wished the shade was at dark as it looks on the outside! 

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