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Saturday, 1 November 2014

october buys


I am one of these bloggers who goes shopping buys things and never blogs about them, I buy most of them with the intention of doing a post. Just cant seem to get around to it. Anyway I was for shopping with my sister for halloween treats and nibbles when I came across the make up counters, DUN DUN DUN and there was a slight sale on! 

Which means I got some super duper sales

Maybelline - SuperStay7 nail polish in shade 
- Rose Poudre 130

This was £2.00 Absolute bargain if you ask me! 

It comes in beautiful pale almost like a grey pink matt finish. Which is fantastic as it looks like a gel, Might have to go and stock up on these bad boys. 

Maybelline - Lipliner 

Lip liners in shade, 

- Sweet Pink 
- Pleasure me red

I have got this huge thing for lipliners, It makes your lips look fuller and makes your lipstick line absolutely perfect. My favourite one Sweet pink was only £1.00 ahh sweet sales...

Maybelline - Colour sensational lipstick

In shade, HoneyBeige


Again a very pretty nude colour, Looks incredible with the lip liner.
However the staying power in this lipstick in shocking, When applying it sort of has a greasy feel which I don't like, But for the pretty colour I will put up with it. 

Move over batiste  
I have a new favourite dry shampoo and it is wonderful!
Cost wise it is about the same, This doesn't have the potent fruity smell that comes with Batiste However it is mega powerful and works as soon as you spray it into the root. Perfect if you have very fine hair and you are after a little bit of volume. Also if you have to leave for work super early and you're rushed

Last bit of my little buying spree in Sainsburys my favourite foundation,  Matt Mousse this time in shade 


A gorgeous foundation that I always go back too! 

Have you brought anything recently?



  1. I am like you, have a bad habit of buying beauty products for the purpose of reviews but never got to it in the end. I have always wanted to try Maybelline Matte Mousse but just never got to it, think it'll work great for dry skin?

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I know, Now it gets darker a lot earlier we have no excuse not to blog! Yep, the foundation is great for dry skin thats why I use it! xx


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