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Monday, 1 September 2014


Day out in London

I always tell myself I should go london more, Surprising really as I go here couple times a month to see John. I never stop and wander around and actually spend time to shop, Maybe, I will make this a thing. To try and do this more. 


It did not take us very long to get to the centre at all, Getting off at Regent park tube and enjoying a lovely stroll down to Oxford street to head to Apple. This is one thing I love, walking past the independent shops and seeing what goodies they have in side. I even found a Percy and Reed salon.. Might make a visit next time. 


Jacket - Old favourite from New Look 
Jewelled top - New Look 17.99
Long Skirt - from New Look 13.99


Casio Sheen watch - 
Essie Peachy Nail Varnish

A very quiet side of London, 

As I was walking past Ted Baker in Regents street, I got handed one of these disks, which registering in store you get a free gift. Turned out to be a little keyring of big ben, Still nice idea Ted Baker!

Now, I have a complete guilty love for Ted Baker bags. The Ted Baker shop in Regents Street is no where as nice as the one in Covent Garden. The one in covent garden is a lot bigger in size with a wider range of both clothing and bags. And, as normal I came across a beautiful statement piece black leather bag.
Little cheeky Ted Baker not putting the prices on the bags in store. 

I did however look online when I got home! 

Way out my price range for a bag, But absolutely stunning. 

Also check out Ted's new range of pug bags online 

How gorgeous are these bags!!! 

 Go to www.Tedbaker.com for more bags!

One of the main reason I actually went to central London was to come to this apple store, I have had so many issues with my phone lately. Luckily it being 5 months old, I just got a replacement. 

A quick break at PRET before we got back on the tube to one of my favourite places covent garden. 

Camera shy John


One of my utterly favourite shopping places from now on, Ted Baker and MAC within a minute of each other….Heaven. In the main square you have Chanel, Dior and if you are a disney freak like me, you will love the Disney store. John was Happy there was a Penguin store, because he loves the clothes from there. 

Notice, How beautiful this place is too!

Covent garden Market 

Throughout the market there are so many street performers, and you have to give them credit they where very good. I am so surprised at how little shops I went into. I love shopping too, However I was on my best behaviour doing no unnecessary spending.

Yep, I gave in.. I will blog about what delights I brought from MAC later on.

One of the street performers, tightrope walker. 

This guy was actually really good, doing tricks for the kids and overall a very good entertainer. 


The food court, Me and John had such a problem with finding somewhere to eat. There was no spaces anywhere and it began to get a little tedious. The wrong time to eat swell as everywhere was packed. 

Where we ate

I don't know if you have ever walked in to a shop, brought something and thought Wow, I love this shop. Yet, had no idea what the shop was called well, I do this constantly. However after about an hour of digging I finally found the name - Belushi's.

Walking around quite hungry due to the fact we had not eaten, We managed to find this little gem of a bar. 
By gem, I mean a total winner. The deco of the place was right up my street the walls covered with musicians, Paramore, Elvis, green day posters. The staff where so friendly. I tipped too!
The food was delicious and the drink too!

For literally being right outside the main market at covent garden all the food here was well priced and lunch costing us about £35.00

John went for the 1/2 pound burger which as you can, Is huge. I opted for the pulled pork, which was so yummy. We also got this huge Jammy Jar drink to share, Which is called the Texan Iced Tea this has a lot of Black rum, Tequila, vodka, lemon juice and cola. This all went straight to my head after not eating till 3pm.

Very happy with his choice of burger, Which was HUGE. 

Some of my beauties.

After that lovely lunch which turned out to be one of the best burgers I have had in a while, we headed to this amazing sweet shop, I have blogged about this to check out my post before hand called SugarSin

With tired feet and full bellies we made our way back home!

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  1. Hey there, I love all your photos! So adventurous and your outfit was amazing (that pink shirt!) :) Thanks for checking out my blog out too. :)


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