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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sugar sin - Drury lane London


Drury lane, London

This little treasure is just straight on from Covent garden tube station on Drury lane, Yes if you have watched Shrek that is where the muffin man lives. 

This is a perky bright colourful shop full of little wonders, Few new homemade sweets and some that remind me of being a child again. 

The whole ceiling was full of glass balls, to give the impression of bubbles. It has a very Hip/quirky feel to it. Tiled floors with sweet jar after sweet jar.Yes, I had to take lots of pictures. 

So many sweets to choose from, We found these marshmallow gummy bears dipped in chocolate! These where heaven. We only picked one of each! Next time I will try stock up for err..emergencies? 

John thinking its a little funny to take pictures of the names of the sweets 

Me picking sweets

Me, doing my half of the picking. Yes lets congratulate John of his picture taking abilities..Getting better. 

Yummy goodness

Some a funky shop! They also do home made lollies, I would love to know if anyone has had any lollies from here, Where they good?

These where actually not very nice, I guess you cant like everything you pick! 

Most confused look ever

This is another sneaky photo taking… And me not knowing what to pick, There was so much to choose. Price wise It is very good, a half a bag costs us £5.00. 

John choosing sweets

Next time you're in the covent Garden area, It is worth going in this shop!


  1. Omg, what a beautiful place! I'd love to buy some sweets there!!

  2. A beautiful place indeed, its so cute too <3

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  3. I could just eat some sweets right now, they all look so good! Looks like a great sweetshop


  4. Omg this place looks so delicious! I wish I lived nearer to London! x

    Pillarbox Post

  5. The store looks really adorable!!



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