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Wednesday, 20 August 2014




This was a place I noticed the beginning of the year, and let me just say WOW.  Outside the place doesn't look that appealing but inside its a crazy mixture of vintage jute boxes, Colour everywhere, and retro music. It is like you have just stepped back in time to the sixties. 

Me and Charl sat down and waiting for Bec to arrive, I was a little surprised at the menu, I thought they would of sold more food. 

Me and Charl settled for milkshakes. Now when you get to the till they tell you, you can actually pick and mix the milkshake flavour, So I had Vanilla and Caramel. and Charl settled for vanilla and strawberry. 

And look glitter, Yes they know how to win us over. 
These where delicious, sweet and creamy and you also get a little container to re fill the glass up

Finally Bec arrived and we got ordering food.

I choose the bacon and waffle, only because I have never actually had pancakes with syrup and bacon. It was a surprising nice combination, Charl had waffle cream and strawberries which was super tasty while becc opted for bagel and bacon. 

I praise them for the effort they went too, to make this place look authentic. At the back of the restaurant there is a little courtyard where they regularly hold vintage fairs or tea partys, 

But for the deco alone and then the milkshakes a very high 9/10 

I will be visiting this place again 

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  1. This place looks so adorable and that milkshake sounds delicious! Glad you had such a great time.



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