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Saturday, 30 August 2014

National History Museum - London

National History Museum

London August 2014 

National History Museum

I love London, I love everything about it, well apart from the arrogant so and sos. 

I love the cafes, the food, the range of italian restaurants, the small side road shops that sell not one thing the same, the museums, the history and oh the shopping. 

I love the shopping. 

But on this trip we went on the tube to South Kensington and went to the National History museum. 
I recommend having a free day and spending the whole day here as unfortunate for us, Me and John arrived just past 4.30 when the museum closes at 6.00pm.

The main hall

I cannot begin to explain how vast and big this place is, It is simply incredible. 
So much time and detail has gone into building this spectacular museum. I wish we had time to see everything but in an hour and a half we barely covered one third of the building and that was very fast walking. We sadly missed the david Attenborough show which was super sad too. boohoo.

The main hall, Me looking very interested.

The good thing also is that it costs NOTHING, yep nothing.

All you pay for is some of the exhibitions and shows you want to attend these are about £9.00 a person depending on what shows you wanted to see. 

A very tourist picture.

My favourite bits where of course the dinosaurs, I have wanted to see this for a while and it was Johns favourite too. I love history and this was really interesting. Lots of skeletons and facts, and very big moving fake dinosaurs for the kids. Another thing I would recommend it not doing this in the school holidays. It was packed, which made it very difficult to get round. 
Dinosaurs skeletons 

John and me going round the dinosaurs exhibitions 

Such a nice picture of john,and the mammal display.

Super happy man, What I thought was really cool was the Mammals part. I was amazed at how big polar bears are and brown bears. You have these huge halls which you walk through with just loads of stuffed animals and it really is quite the eye opener. I never ever imagined that dolphins and other animals would be that big. 

Top left is one of the bigger halls where the Blue whale and over sea creatures are on display. You can walk around the side and they tell you so many facts. One interesting one is that is shows the different type of teeth the mammoths had.

The huge polar bear, Me admiring the horns to a Irish Stag and the Hippo

Me very amused. 

After being told the museum was closing we headed off down to Exhibitions road to a lovely italian place where we settled and had a very and I will say VERY bitter lemonade. I wish I knew the place of this, cos they did the most amazing cakes. I was good and did not try any being full from lunch. 

John outside the italian cafe in South Kensington,

It was such a lovely time, I will go again and spend about the whole day there. Be so worth it. 

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  1. I've been there a few years ago and loved it so much! Feels great to remember it in those pictures.



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