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Tuesday, 19 August 2014



I like these places that no one knows about, Only the locals. I would not of known about it until I was dropped of nearby one day and walked past this place. 

This place is VERY similar to The Tavern, in Cheltenham. 

The food here is superb, well presented and well made. However being on weight watchers I opted for a healthy option of 'Eggs Royale' 

Which was scrummy, A little too many eggs for my liking in the morning. Still it was very tasty. 
You also had a lot of variety when it comes to teas. I have never been in a cafe//diner that offers so many specialist teas. They also do a large selection of sandwiches, waffles, and treats. 

The one thing that I love about this place was the general feel of it, the deco was quite 'modern bistro' with company seats or you can sit on a bar stall over looking the outskirts of Cheltenham. 

And yes, I will rave about the flavoured water. Give me somewhere in cheltenham that does this, Because this is the first place I have found. I love my lemon water, so the fact they offer flavoured water free is a brilliant healthy idea! So bravo!

Charl opted for the bacon and pancakes swimming in the golden syrup, literally Swimming, I did steal a bite, and woah sweetness overload. 

Some of the menu and the large range of teas and coffees. 

This post wouldn't be finished without a picture of me and charl! Yes, I took a selfie!

I rate this place 9/10!!!

Food was fantastic, service was great and the atmosphere brilliant. I will be coming here again. 


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