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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to create perfect hollywood hair

 Step by step how to create perfect hollywood hair 

This is one of my favourite looks, So easy to create too, you can dress this up with a hair accessory for a night out, or simply add a headband for a day time more causal look. 

Being a hairdresser I find this look very easy to do with the right equipment, Even shoulder length hair can pull this off. 


Yes, the tools of the trade. I always stick with what I know so to complete this look you will need the following. 

- Curling wand
- Straighteners 
-Smoothing Serum
- Hairspray 
-Bobbi Pins 
- Pintail comb
- Sectioning clips
- Denman hair up brush

1. Wash hair with two shampoos and conditioner, Blowdry with a flat brush and apply heat protector. 

2. After this you want to start sectioning off the hair in small sections. 

3. Using the curling wand you want to start from the roots area and swirl the hair round the wand, Hold for three seconds and hairspray. With the bottom bit of the hair you want to follow the curl up and pin. Now having experience with a lot of different hair, setting the hair while its still hot from the curling wand and pinning it will give you a longer lasting curl. 

Repeat this throughout the different sections of the hair.

4. You will find the hair has a beautiful curl to it, now slowly undo the hair starting from the first bit you pinned. Don't forget to hairspray. 

5. After you undo the hair, with the penman brush you want to slowly smooth out the hair. And using the sectioning clips you want to follow the wave and pin. Now you are setting the wave in place. 

6. Leave this for about ten minutes, and slowly start to remove pins. Following the wave you want to backcomb up. Apply with shine spray and more hairspray 

The finishing product, big bouncy red carpet curls. if you want a more sleek finish finish off with serum. 

I would love to see you guys do this look! 



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