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Friday, 22 August 2014

NAIL ROCK - Caviar edition




I will apologise upfront for the very bad pictures, I took these late last night with barely any lighting. 

On average a week I change my nail colour about twice, usually I stick with my favourites baby pinks or corals, but this time I ventured out. Nail Rock is not an alien brand to me. A few months ago I reviewed their felt feel nail polishes. If you are interested in these polishes you can buy them from this site below. 


Or if you are in the Uk, Topshop Sell them. 


So the packaging very basic, with the pot full of little red balls. 
Now the great thing about this if that is dries very quick. First coat I realised how bright the nail varnish itself it without about twenty seconds it was completely dry

The colour itself is more of a bright red, So I opted for two coats after applying the second coat to each finger I put the nail straight into the little pot. 

Yes, this was so messy. 

It is a little hard to get a even application, you do have to wiggle your finger about when you are dunking it into the pot.You sort of have to just shake and just tap it. 
I gave this up to half hour to dry. 

I loved the effect it had, Perfect for going out more of a 
3d look.


Yep, as you most likely guessed I woke up and most of it had actually come off, slightly disappointing, Even so because I did apply this at 12.00 at night. 

Having a hot shower made it worse most of them fell straight off so I was like with this effect, where the balls have come off it has made like a silver mark with was quite rough to touch. 

In the end I was so fed up and took them straight off with the nail file, and remover and painted straight over. 

Such a shame as it was a good idea, But what a waste of 6.99!



  1. Too bad the end result is so poorly. They do look great at first.

    Xx Anne

  2. Shame you didn't get along with these, i dont know many people that did!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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