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Wednesday, 20 August 2014




I am going to apologise upfront this is going to be a very long post. 
However it is something I wanted to share with you all. 

Lisa and I have been friends for about 11 years, We met in School in Newton Abbot, Devon. And we became good friends straight away. I was thrilled to hear that her Fellar (Ben) of two years had proposed, Lisa is a lovely girl that deserved nothing more than the family she wants.So you can imagine how thrilled I was that she asked me to be bridesmaid.  Originally Lisa had planned this a year ago, but cancelled it few months ago. Then out the blue decided she wanted to get married so with five weeks notice she started to plan.

Me outside the registry office in Cockington, Torquay

Our bouquets 

We all had Lisa s favourite flowers aswell for the bouquets, Gerberas. 


The beautiful bridesmaids dresses

Now the night before the wedding was manic, As soon as I arrived I found a very stressed out bride who was trying to do a million things at once. 

So when the final bridesmaids arrived, I gave her my gift which I wish I had taken a picture of. It was a beautiful silver and CZ bracelet. Then she gave us our gifts. This I was taken back by. I was not expecting gifts! I didn't even think about it. 

Just going to point out the first thing she had our dress hung on these amazing hangers each of them with our names on the bridesmaid and the date of the wedding this was so touching and so sentimental to me. 

The second gift was a wine glass, Personalised too with the same things on the name, bridesmaid and the date,and a little bottle of wine to go with it. The only wine I actually drink. 

This she made by herself how amazing!yet again something personalised and so well done. 

And that wasn't the end of it, we all had a little thorns chocolate with our names on and a survival make up bag! 

In this bag, there was clinque moisturiser, Nail file, lipgloss, comb, perfume, deodorant and cream. 

We where very spoilt. 

After presents it was doing the finishing touches before tomorrow, girls where painting their nails I was cutting lists hair and helping sort out the veil for tomorrow, After all of this we ended up going sleep around midnight. 


Me and jazz, bens daughter.


This was a very early start, be early a mean 6.00 am early. We got the kids up and fed. And I started off doing the girls hair, perks of having a bridesmaid who is a hairdresser. I did both of the bridesmaids and managed to fit in my own, while Lisa had her fiancés mum come round to do her makeup. 

Beautfiul jazz posing

The beautiful flowers. 

So the last thing to do was of course get lisa in her dress, Her hair had been done my myself and let me tell you, I have never laced up a wedding dress so this was a complete first for me, I somehow managed to pull it off and got her in it within ten minutes.

While we where waiting for the car I managed to get a few personal shots of lisa on my phone. 

Lisa, One of my favourite on the day.


So eventually we where in the car and made our way to Cockington, Torquay. This is a very pretty village. The registry office had beautiful grounds however with the bride running later we where main attraction to the tourists 


This brought a tear to my eye, such a beautiful moment! When they said their I dos, me and Steph (Bridemaid) almost cried! 
When lisa had to say her surname she couldn't say it properly, That was a little funny.


Lisa her husband and his daughter

After the ceremony we headed outside for group photos, and of course it was typically english weather sunny then rainy, Notice how all us bridesmaids where in sandals but the poor bride in flip-flops!

Steph the bride and me

After the pictures, we all had to walk about ten minutes to the cockington Tea rooms, in the rain and no umbrella. 

Lisa however took it in her stride, so carefree and happy. Overall I think she is glad to be married to the man she loves. 


So when we finally got here because of the rain and the fact most of it was outdoor seating we had to make do with inside with the customers.

Everyone was clever and ordered mains me and Lisa ordered the english tea. Which meant we where starving by dinner time.  

Lisa and Ben 

The gardens at the tea room

I wish there where more photos taking here of lisa, and I think she thinks the same. Such a beautiful place. 

I am not going to bore you with the rest of the day, and what happened because personally It is a very long story. I could say it went a little downhill. But my best friend is married and thats personally all that matters. 


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