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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

National Play day at Pitville Park, Cheltenham

National Play day at Pitville park 


Myself and Harper

So me and Mia took Rueben and Harper to National Play day which is held at Pitville park every August. We all went last year and took Dylan but due to him being at his dads it was just Little Roo(Rueben) and Harper. 

Within the kids park you have the bouncy castles for the little ones, the animals you can meet with other parents and the children centres. You have the Music man, the tall man, Punch and judy puppet show and in the main park by the pump rooms you have bouncy castles for 3 or above, food stalls more games. 

Overall Its a day that any child would love, I mean I am twenty-two and I love play day!

Second point of call was of course the animal zoo, they had rabbits, turtles, spiders beetles, meercats and snakes. I even managed to hold a Corn snake! Harmless. Yes I look amazed. 

Rueben was so brave! He even touched a bearded dragon, which he kept saying was 'spiky' and it was. Being almost 2.5 he still doesn't understand that animals are vulnerable and can break, We had to keep reminding him this when he tried to grab the poor things leg. 

This was the muppet show, and if I say so was slightly time wasting. We got there at 12.55 when It said it would start at 13.00pm However when we had got there it had already started and even where we are we couldn't hear a thing!! 

Rueben and I then decided to wait in the face painting line, 40 MINUTES might I add. And for that the girl spent a minute of him!!!

what took the others so long?!?

Any way rueben decided to be a Lion, and keep growling at everyone. He made a very scary lion 

After visiting the animals we made our self over to the field where the food carts where, Rueben got giving a flag and Mia brought him a little tub of sweets, which he started giving out. 

The awesome slushly!!

Rueben looking at the animals. 

Mia holding a bearded dragon.

Rueben managed to go on a few of the small bouncy castles, but after that we made our way over to the lake. This was a good idea it was so quiet and at the boat house they had a BBQ!! Mia kindly brought me a burger which for the little bit I had was actually really nice. 

This was a fun few hours which knackered out the kids and me! 

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