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Tuesday, 24 February 2015



So a huge perk in living in gloucestershire, is the fact we have a NIKE outlet, Hooray I hear you say. If not you should be hooraying. Its an outlet store which means discounted items, and who doesn't love that. 
In the last eight weeks I have been on a health kick. I've lost 2 stone and am eating a lot better, I joined a gym started Pilates. Its going great so I thought I would treat myself with some new workout gear. 

I got some new Nike shoes, really nice colour and so comfy. Now don't be worries Nike is actually an american brand so all the sizes got me baffled for a while, but after knowing my size I literally started opening all the boxes to see which shoes would fit me. I am a UK size 6! Average you say, however no. The guy in the store said I needed an American size 9, way to make me feel bad about my shoe size.

Look how beautiful they are, and a steal from £80.0 to £55.00 

I then brought two new pairs of leggings. I never go for leopard print simply because I feel it looks cheap. However I really fell in love with these bad boys, and I got some plain grey ones too.



I then got this super lightweight tank kind of top, Perfect for running. Its black with a NIKE print across it, I got this in size Large however it does show a lot of the sports bra on the side. Just a heads up. 

Yes, I spent a lot with all of this however I saved a lot of money. I also got a couple other bits like a plain grey nike hoodie for only £25.00 and a Black sports bra for £21.00 

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  1. Love the shoes! Great colors


  2. I love outlet stores. I really love the leggings. I need some workout ones!

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