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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

HOME HAUL - homesense

Home Haul

You would of thought since I moved out my apartment I would stop buying house things, you thought wrong. I admit I went through a lot of phrases one being I could not stop buying cushions, throws and then photo frames. So I have more cushions to last me a good ten years. 

Every month  I go into Homesense, Its this awesome shop where everything is discounted a bit like T K Max, but a lot of house stuff. The one thing I love about this store is that it is so rare to find two things the same, If you are into pinterest this is the shop for you! 

"Love you to the moon and back" Gold and black frame £16.99
"Do all things with love" £16.99

I thought these where just gorgeous, I am lacking in the picture department at home and these are perfect to put in the office or bedroom.  Its a fab idea to do a 'slogan/sayings' wall!

Cute little white potted plants £3.99 each

There is something so peaceful about having plants around the house! Better when they are not real, I do forget to water my actual plants. Ive learnt that from experience these you can put on any windowsill or looks really cute on a desk.  

Gold frames Left was £6.99 Right was £4.99

I am loving gold/copper this year or anything with a metallic sheen, And texture! Yes I cant stop buying photo frames!

£11.99 8LB Kettleball

For all the fitness freaks, I love their range of dumbbells and workout equipment at such good prices.

£3.99 Glass water bottle 

One for the kitchen now! Yes, I love the vintage look of the bottle and the lid as well. I do take this into my bedroom with me as It looks nice on the side table, And look at the handle. So cool! 

More frames.. Left £5.00 Right £5.99

How funky is the frame on the right, One for the office. It has these gorgeous patterns on however the majority of the frames you get from Homesense you cant put on the wall. 

Polar FT4 £69.99

I am adding this with my FT7 Polar watch. Its a great fitness watch, it shows you the calories you burn and how long you have been doing it for. The benefits of the FT7 is that the watch actually shows you if your fat burning or fitness. Really great invention to get you moving! Comes in a range of colours too! 

What do you guys think have you been shopping lately'? 

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  1. Great finds! Love shopping for home items



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