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Monday, 28 July 2014

New buys - July


Now I am one of many I assume who have never owned a watch, I just didn't see much point. I either checked my phone or we had numerous clocks in the salon where I worked. However now I have two jobs, I am beginning to feel like a watch is a very good investment. 

I am one of the fussy types too, I did end up last month buying just a make do watch from new look. However second time wearing it I smashed the glass, Its a mystery to me how I actually did that. 

Anyway this watch retails at 160.00 I got it much cheaper! Thank you staff discount! 

You can buy them off the Casio website for sheen now! 

I also got a few hairdressing bits, hair pads, clips, and some fancy new clippers! 

This was 10.00 reduced from 45.00 from Topshop

I also got a soul cal shirt for working out in, and the other half a new firetrap tee!

Ive been busy busy!! 


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