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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Days with the other half

I really value these special days, Life has got so busy that we are seeing each other about once a month. Believe me him living on the outskirts of london and me living couple hundred miles away are taking its toll. 

Lat week I travelled up to see him by train goes straight to Paddington station, however due to an passenger getting ill, I was sat in Stroud waiting for the train to move for over an hour. 

So got in London about 9.40 ish and then went to his. 

Some beautiful flowers he got me

On the tuesday sods law he was working, but he managed to get the wednesday off, We took of to Cheshire to the greats woods for a picnic, Which was crazy hot. 

We had brought picnic food before hand, however next time we will be making our own. 

We ended up doing just over a 2.5 mile walk, quite short but very uncomfortable in that heat. 

So later on after the walk we went for dinner over his mums and had a huge roast which was lovely! I just cant stand this heat! I must be the only one who actually loves a little bit of cold weather. Nothing wrong with putting more clothes on, however there is so much you cant actually take off when it is hot. 


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