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Saturday, 19 December 2015

collection - CONTOUR KIT

Contour Kit 

One of the great things I really love about make up, is that you can really have a play. There endless amount of brands out there to try. I love having a mix between high street and professional make up brands. Collection was one of those trusted brands I always turned to when I was in school. I  rocked the cat eye look for a good few years thanks to their Collection liquid eyeliner ( was a god send)

It is a good brand, if you are on a budget or if you do go through make up relatively quick as it won't leave you out of pocket. When I saw this lovely palette lying on the counter at boots I had to do a double take, This for the amazing price of £3.99 looked too appealing not to buy.

So outside, great design for the price. Little tricky to open if you have false nails (always the case) But what is really good is the fact it has a little mirror on the lid when you lift it up.

So on the left hand side you have a highlighter and the right a bronzer, trick is to use both these shades to contour the face, Simply run the darker shade up the cheekbones and the highlights just slightly above this. There are lots of contouring videos about on youtube if you want to see how to do this from a  pro. I have taken a few pictures without photoshopping to see the look it gives. the highlighter is very subtle so you might end up re-applying more than once. It does give this gorgeous dewy look, which I love. Very similar to the Maybelline contour set I brought for twice the price. I think I prefer this one

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