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Monday, 29 June 2015

Laura Mercier foundation primer

Laura Mercier foundation primer

I have been after this little one for a while now, Well ever since the lovely girl at SPACE N. K introduced me to it, I fell in love! It is a perfect product and since I have brought it, I use it everyday.
I really love Laura Mercier products, It really is worth checking out their social networking sites and signing up to their newsletter. 

About the primer, So at £29.00 this isn't a cheap primer, But it is worth is. This one comes out in a creamy clear gel form that just quickly absorbs into the skin and gives it the mattifying feeling. You can put this on top of clean skin or onto of moisturised skin. So the perks of using a primer on your skin. It makes your make up last longer which is a god send for us girls who work stupid amounts of house at work. Mine always seems to melt off my face especially with this heat. It contains the lovely vitamins A,C,and E which helps with free radicals (nasty pollution) great if you work in the city!

For me I just love the feel of this product, Really is worth considering buying especially if you have dry skin like me and need a little more care when doing the daily make up routine. 

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