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Monday, 22 June 2015

IN FASHION - Fringe bags


Primark £6.00

Fringe bags are so in style, You will find all clothes shops such as River Island, Top shop, New look, Primark etc will have some sort of fringe bag in. I personally love them and think the whole style is so  effortlessly chic. It is a mixture of festival look with a bit of boho which I am loving lately. 

This one was a little find at the Primark store in Bristol, Just sitting there on the shelf asking to be brought, as they do. Well c'mon I had been after one for a while. It is a over the shoulder style bag, With a zip compartment great for the coins. And it is a nice size too more for casual outings. You cant really fit much make up in, just the basics purse, phone keys and lip stick. More of like a fringe clutch.

I have added my H&M pom pom just to add a little something.

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