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Saturday, 22 February 2014

June 2013

The big 21! My birthday month! I spent the day with just Family, I was still quite new to the area and didn't know that many people and besides it being a wednesday… slightly odd day to go out! But we did anyway!
Mum and martin surprised both mia and me with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers! And I got a gorgeous present! We then went out for lunch at the daffodil, Drinks at revs then bentleys.

Cocktails at Daffodils

Martin and Mum at the birthday lunch

My birthday cake, Yes I do love owls! 

The birthday pudding! I was so ill, on my birthday I couldn't actually taste much. Such a waste

Me on my birthday, Ready to go out! 

Me and mia! 

My gorgeous birthday present! 

The lovely bunch of flowers mum and martin got me! 

Mias hair for the lunch day! 

My starter, some raw beef pate thing! x

Me at john gardens the best wine/whiskey bar in cheltenham

The old cinema screens in daffodil.

Mias amazing dinner! Yes I am one of those people who order things and wish they chose what the person next to them did! 

Cant wait for my 22nd! xx

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